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I love working with small & medium businesses and help them deliver a great customer experience, get prospects and all together succeed in business.

CRM Management

I offer impartial, expert advice on choosing, buying and using CRM software to realise maximum benefit for your organisation. If you’re considering a CRM purchase, I can help you with costings, requirements, choosing a vendor and setup. If you’re reviewing your existing CRM system, I’ll help you find the best way forward – whether that means replacing it, improving it or using it in new ways. Either way, I’ll help you save money, reduce risk and get more value from your CRM system.

Marketing Management

I will work with you to create an effective and efficient online strategy. We will define the marketing support required to increase awareness with your target audience and deliver a higher return on your online marketing effort.Whether it’s a single promotion or a long-term campaign, I will help you manage the complete campaign process, from initial concepts to implementation, monitoring and reporting. And together we will ensure your strategy is aligned with your brand’s image and objectives.

Brand Design

I can help you create and develop future-proof brand design and identities.

brand assessment

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