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Graphic Design

I studied Graphic Design with a specialization for WebDesign, so a lot of the focus lay on designing the web.
But that's not to say that I only worked on websites!

Here's some of my work that falls under Graphic Design:
logo's, posters, t-shirt designs, album covers… You name it!

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2012: Personal logo incorporating my initials (LDW).


2012: Logo for Moosey Bytes.


2012: Letterhead for Moosey Bytes.


2011: Exhibition posters.


2009 - 2010: Posters for Orange Eyeland, a Ghent based DJ.


2009: Logos related to Masters project.


2009: Some concept album / poster artwork for a band.


2007: A tattoo concept from back when I was still studying at KASK.


2006: Concept for environmental pollution.

Self portrait

March 14th 2012
I've been doing a 30 Day Drawing Challenge, flexing my creative muscles a bit! Check it out!

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Lorenzo De Waele, was it?

That's right! I'm Lorenzo De Waele, an all-round creative tall guy currently living in Lokeren, Belgium!

I started creatively with photography in high school, unsure of what to study as I was growing up. And so, as soon as I graduated in 2005, I obeyed the urge to express myself creatively and enrolled to study Graphic Design - Webdesign at the Royal Academy of Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Belgium.

This is where I realised how much I enjoy creativity and solving problems and challenges, on paper in the field of liberal arts (I love drawing!) and digitally, designing websites.

After obtaining a Masters degree in the Graphic Arts I continued exploring. I stuck around art school and tried my hand at Illustration for a year, and a teachers education in the Graphic Arts over the course of 2 years.

I explored the field of Liberal Arts with my personal work, resulting in my first exhibitions, and a leap in developing a personal drawing style. This, to me, is a continuously ongoing process. When one style feels too easy, I get restless, eager to explore new styles and grow creatively.

Once out of school, this restlessness became a great need to go adventuring. So I traveled alone accross the Northern American continent in the winter of 2011. Upon returning in early 2012 I felt renewed and inspired. Time to put this creativity to use, I'd say.

So, let's talk!

— Lorenzo