Luc Hellinckx
Address Sint-Pietersweg 1
  1501 Halle
Home phone +32 2 356 56 89
Mobile phone +32 473 835 070
Marital status unmarried
Birth date 29th of July 1961
Studies high school: scientific A (Sint-Donatusinstituut, Merchtem, Belgium)
  university: masters degree in mathematics (University of Ghent, R.U.G.)
  major = quantum physics, optional courses = Pascal and numerical analysis
  teaching certificate for high school at R.U.G.
Professional activities temporary jobs in educational sector (mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science)
  production manager at “Scott Continental”
  from 1987 on till 2002 : math teacher at K.T.A. 
  (= Royal Technical Secondary School of Anderlecht, Belgium)
  merged later on with K.T.A. Zavelenberg (Brussels)
  assignment, class representative of 6th Informatics
  math co-ordinator, 11/2002 --> 6/2003 : teaching Oral English in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province, China
  2003-2008: teaching math and physics in both K.T.A. and the college of Arts and Humanities in Brussels
  2008-2014: assigned to Atheneum Zaventem
User’s experience operating systems: OSX, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android
  mathematical software (Mathematica, Geogebra, SPSS,…)
  Word, Excel, FileMaker Pro, all kinds of software involving the internet, e-mail, graphics, networks…
Languages Dutch (fluent), English (fluent), French (fluent), German (moderate), Italian (basic), Chinese (elementary)
Hobbies travelling, reading, computers, languages, music, math, riding my motorcycle, cycling, badminton, hiking…
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