Might and Magic VII -- Skills -- Weapon Skills

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Axe Skill
This skill is not so bad but its better to use the sword skill but if you wanne try axe anyway here are the trainers.

Expert (2000 GP, level 4) Turgon Woodsplitter in South of Harmondale
Master (5000 GP, level 7) Dalen Keenedge in Stone City
Grand Master (8000 GP, level 10) Karn Stoneclever in Tatalia (mountain)

Blaster Skill
This is a good skill but you need to use the big blaster rifles not the normal ones. There are 2 tables now because the teachers are different for the path of the light and for the path of the dark. ( you can start learing this spell when you have completed all four quests for the advisors from the path you have chosen.)

1. Path of Light
Expert (0 GP, level 4) Sir Caneghem in Celeste (an advisor)
Master (0 GP, level 7) Crag Hack in Celeste (an advisor)
Grand Master (0 GP, level 10) Resurrectra in Celeste (Castle Lambent)

2. Path of Dark

Expert (0 GP, level 4) Dark Shade in The Pit
Master (0 GP, level 7) Maximus in The Pit
Grand Master (0 GP, level 10) Kastore in Castle Gloaming

Bow Skill
This skill is required, when monsters are far away you can already start shooting them and with the fly skill you can just shoot them from the air! But if you use blasters this skill is less important but almost hole the game (before blasters) this is a very good skill. There is also a very strong artifact that is a bow.
Expert (2000 GP, level 4) Jaycin Suretrail in the Tularean Forest (northeast Pierpont)
Master (5000 GP, level 7) Lanshee Ravensight in Mount Nighon (close to main town)
Grand Master (8000 GP, level 10) Cardric the Steady in Harmondale

Dagger Skill
This skill is not good. My wizzard took a staff. A dagger is not really good so I would not use it. Anyway here are the teachers. 
Expert (2000 GP, level 4) Smiling Jack in the Bracada Desert (near the central teleporters)
Master (5000 GP, level 7) Aznog Slasher in Mount Nighon(close to big town)
Grand Master (8000 GP, level 10) Tonken Fist in Tatalia

Mace Skill
The mace skill is good for a class like a healer. My priest used a fail when I played. (A hammer also belongs to the mace skill.)
Expert (2000 GP, level 4) Havest in Erathia
Master (5000 GP, level 7) Brother Rothham in Tatalia
Grand Master (8000 GP, level 10) Patwin Fellbern in Deyja

Spear Skill
I don't know if this is really usefull because 2 handed weapons are not so good, its better to use 2 swords. Anyway maybe if that class can't wear 2 weapons a spear could be good but I would not use it.
Expert (2000 GP, level 4) Kerin Greydawn in Tatalia
Master (5000 GP, level 7) Claderin Silverpoint in the Tularean Forest (Pierpont)
Grand Master (8000 GP, level 10) Seline Falconeye in Stone City

Staff Skill
The staff skill is good for druids and mages. I don't know until wich level you should train it. I think that a druid can become grand master in the skill so he may become a grandmaster and a mage just expert (Expert is max for a mage).
Expert (2000 GP, level 4) Ton Withersmythe in Harmondale or Garic Hawthorne in Mount Nighon
Master (5000 GP, level 7) Elsie Pederton in the Bracada Desert (Southwest)
Grand Master (8000 GP, level 10) Jillian Mithrit in Avlee

Sword Skill
This is the best skill for your fighter. Well I think so :). Bring this skill to the grand master level and with a good sword (or 2 swords) you can hit over 150 damage in 1 hit. I did about 170 damage with 2 good swords at combat circa 50 and grand master skill in sword about skill 14, when I was level 73 I had a sword skil of about 22.
Expert (2000 GP, level 4) Payge Rivenhill in Erathia (City)
Master (5000 GP, level 7) Tugor Slicer in Deyja (northwest town)
Grand Master (8000 GP, level 10) Chadric Townsaver in Harmondale (The small village)

Unarmed Skill
This skill is not so good but I can be usefull for monks. but then you need to combine it with a grandmaster staff level.
Expert (2000 GP, level 4) Sheldon Mist in Harmondale
Master (5000 GP, level 7) Ulbrecht the Brawler (Crane Residence) in Evermorn Island
Grand Master (8000 GP, level 10) Norris in Erathia (northeast)

Almost all weapon skills are learned in the weapon shops. If you don't find the skill you need there its one of the skills below or you need to go look for it in another town.

The Staff skill appears to be available only on Emerald Isle and much later in the game in the towns of Celeste and The Pit.

The Unarmed skill Cannot be learned in the weapon shops but at a healer (like a church).

The blaster skill will only be given after you've completed the 4 quests of the advisors in the pit or Celeste.