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May 1st - Sep.30th 2001 :
Netherlands, Belgium, France, England, Austria, Isle of Man, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden
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Oct.1st - Dec.10th 2001 :
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Dec.11th 2001 - Jan.5th 2002 :
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Jan.6th - Feb.28th 2002
Resting at home, Zwolle, NL
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NEXT: Australia

Departure: March 4th 2002

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from the messageboard:
...It took me quite a while to get from Amsterdam to Australia and I arrived Wednesday morning with an enormous jetlag. Television (Channel 9) was following me the first days and now I am going for a good days rest. The reports are written and the photos ready, but one fun thing: Australians know NO FREE INTERNET PROVIDERS. They have to pay for their account, pay per minute and even for the ammount of space they up- or download! Strange country, but I am sure I'll get my stuff online soon. . .
--Ramon, Mar. 6th 2002

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4th Mar.2002 : Sometimes I take myself with me again, whenever I leave a place. Sometimes I leave a little bit of me behind. At 30,000 feet above the diluted dirt of Holland I noticed that I left a complete hump of me behind. I will be missing Irena, my family, my best friends and I know I wont see them again for a while.

25th Feb.2002 : Two sponsors to pay the trip from The Netherlands to Australia were found.
The Internet companies TunaFish and Book a Tour are putting Ramon on a plane to Sydney on MONDAY MARCH 4 !

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Say Hi! to Irene, she's in the army now...
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