Ludo Vanroy lives and works in Leuven (Belgium)
He graduaded in:

- Industrial Sciences , Thermodynamics engineering, at Group T Louvain
- Vrije Grafiek” at the “Stedelijke Academie voor Beeldende Kunst” te Leuven (Atelier Paul Van Eyck)


Writing, painting, drawing, etching and printmaking are his favorite media.
Always traveling between sciences and arts, he likes working as a senior editor.

Poetry, frugality and colour are essentials in his works.
Memory and memories to ideas as landscapes, characters as transcendent beings which evolve to abstract matter, have been linked by a intuitive, direct style. A gesture of ink is like a tender touch of hands.

“My screenprints are a very physical reflection on myself, they receive the messages of ink that are innate to me. I choose abstraction in order to strip the image from (l)inking of its pretense to be anything other than inking. My prints are born of ink. You can smell, touch and observe them.

Looking is being touched.

“La matière change à mesure qu’on la regarde” (Bernard Noel)
“Things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler”. (Einstein)

Vanroy’s sensitive, open-ending prints leave room for evocative associations and ruminations. His suggestive titles read like poetry (see also “Een gebaar van inkt”), and there's something of poetry's minimal, efficient use of the means at hand to his handling of ink and color.

This work is filled with positive, hopefull and high-spirited (thermo) dynamics.

This template is designed by Jerry Cotter and adapted by Ludo Vanroy