Dakplan N.V.

When I was 18, I could do a student job. I didn't start my marketing studies at that time, so I had to search for a job in a different sector. I didn't matter which kind of work, I was ready to learn. I ended up with Dakplan N.V. They are active in the metal sector. I worked very hard there. I proved to myself and the people around me that I could work hard, and that I could learn a little bit of the profession of a metalworker without any knowledge of it before I started there.
I worked there in the summer of 2004 and 2005, each time for 4 weeks.

Tennisclub TC As

In the period of 2003 until 2006 I was a member of the youth committee of our tennisclub. In a tennisclub, you're a youth member until you're at the age of 16. So I was 17, and wanted to engage myself in the club. I had the experience of being a youth member myself for 6 years, so I knew the need of the young tennis players. In that period, a new youth committee was formed, so I applied and they approved. I was the younges committee member ever in our club. The youngest before me was 24. In these 3 years I helped with selecting activities, made draws for competitions within the club, helped with managing the competitions outside the club, and much more.
Also we did 2 tennis stages at the club for 4 days. During these days I was responsible for all the activities of the children when they were not playing tennis.

Market research Sint-Aloysius schoolcommunity Sint-Truiden

In the second year of my bachelor studies for marketing, we received the assignment to do a market research for a schoolcommunity in Sint-Truiden. They saw a decrease of students in the past years. They didn't knew what the reason for the decrease was, so they asked our class to investigate the problem. The aim of the project was to find the criteria on which the choise for a school is based, and how the schools within the community scored at these criteria. Also we searched for other reasons why children at the age of 12 chose for a different school. The second part was to analyse these results, and turn them into suggestions the community could do to improve.


In the third year of my studies, we received the course marketing planning. For this course, we had to write in groups of 3 a realistic marketing plan for a company. We wrote one for Sento-Aquamotion. This is a small fitness center who has a whole different approach than a normal fitness center. He didn't see a decrease of clients, but the number of clients stayed the same. He wanted more clients. So we did a small investigation, and began to write the marketing plan. We succeeded, and did a lot of suggestions. A half year later, we could actually see that the owner had implemented a lot of the suggestions we made, and he saw an increase of clients.

Exporting Ter Dolen Beer

For our project of international marketing we had to search a company that wanted to work with us. The purpose of this assignment was to export a Belgian product to another country. There were only 1 limitation: the company wasn't active in the foreign country we would export to.
We contacted the CEO of Ter Dolen. Ter Dolen is a Belgian Beer, but it's not a giant producer like Inbev (Stella Artois) and Moortgat (Duvel). They have a small turnover, and are only known in our province (Limburg). We approached the CEO, and he was really happy with our proposal. We would investigate everything he needed to know for foreign export to Australia. He proposed Australia because he had some knowledge in the country and a couple of good contacts.
We investiged almost everything he needed to know. From the prices from shipment, to local distributors. We also layed the first foundations of relationships between Ter Dolen and these local distributors.
When we handed over our report to the CEO, he was enthousiastic. 2 months after the project, we heard from him that they would start exporting Ter Dolen to Australia in 2009.