We offer individual English language lessons in your home whatever your age or ability.  

These lessons are very successful because of the rapport that develops between tutor and pupil. Usually we have a great time learning in a familiar and relaxed environment. Of course, if things are not working out we are happy to recommend another tutor.

Family members or friends may share an hour, or parts of an hour. For example, four children in one family could all have slots of time in a 2-hour session. Perhaps the youngest child will have only 15 minutes, while older brothers or sisters could have 30 minutes or more each. There could then be some time all together at the end playing language games. All time combinations are possible and can change according to the family’s needs.

The hourly tuition fee is always €30 plus a €5 travel charge. The travel charge may be doubled for a longer or more time-consuming journey. There is no charge for materials.

This service is very popular so it may not always be possible to fit you into our schedule immediately.  A lot will depend on when you want the lesson and where you live. If you think it will be difficult to fit a regular lesson into a busy weekly routine, you may find that less regular holiday classes suit you better.

If you are interested in individual tuition contact us by telephone or e-mail.

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