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Welcome to our website



We, Davy and Stephanie, are the proud owners of the Bernese Mountain Dog and Greater Swiss Mountain Dog hobby kennel “Van De Knuffelberg”.



We own a modest kennel where the focus lies primarily on health, character and socialization. Our puppies grow in and around the house, which provides them with a good basis.




Our three little daughters, Maithe, Tess and Nelle, contribute greatly to our cause.

Ever since 1982, my parents are the owners of the kennel “van de Samaika”, and “Van’t Samaika Nest”. These many years of experience have taught us a lot, in that we breed in a responsible manner, paying much attention to healthy bloodlines.



We only look for the very best studs in the whole of Europe. Several of our descendants are very successful at dog shows, which is always a positive.



All dogs that we breed them to be X-rayed for hip dysplasia and are HD A or HD B also at least they are all ED (Elbow) free. Our large swiss are also X-rayed and free from SD (schouderdysplasie) and hereditary eye diseases. We only breed with dogs free.

Several dogs from our bloodlines easily be 10 years and older. We breed according to the rules of the breed club (BBSC), FASFC and only with pedigree St. Hubertus (F.C.I). These are additional guarantees for a nice, free and healthy puppy.


We provide you with an excellent accompaniment, you can also always contact us with any questions or concerns.



Our puppies get dewormed three times, are vaccinated and are given a chip at around 6 weeks. Consequently, they are in excellent health when they leave our home.


The puppies are raised socially and will have experienced a lot when they reach the age at which they become a part of your family.



LAST UPDATE: 27/03/2019

For more info; davy.stephanie@telenet.be



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