Hello, this is me. Interested in Africa & in Fish since age 12, I was born in Lubumbashi [ex-Elisabethville] Congo-Zaïre-Rep.Dem.Congo in 1953. Raised on Katanga soil, I left at the age of 13 for my studies. I graduated as fisheries biologist and joined the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations [FAO] as associate expert in 1979 . I lived in Africa for many years and since 1993 I'm working as a private consultant. I am travelling extensively all the year round, but my soul still goes to my native soil. I'm trying to be a bridge between scientists and the public at large. Still curious about all what concerns our beloved Nothobr@nchius.



I travelled to many places and countries. Everywhere possible, the Notho's and a primitive "Fish Room" followed. Field collections where of course made during my prolonged stay in Tanzania [Kigoma and Dar-es-Salaam]. These days I am more keen on difficult countries and my portable beach seine and GPS are part of my travel case. Over the last 6 years, I have been on duty travel for an average of 280 days/year. So, please be patient if you ever don't get a swift response.


  Countries visited
Africa: Morocco, Mauritania, Senegal, Cape Verde, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Benin, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Kenya, Tanzania, Sao Tome & Principe, Cameroon, Mali, Gabon, South-Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Burundi, Congo, Madagascar, Seychelles.

World: Iran, Turkey, Croatia, Haïti, Finland, Italy,



Where was I ?

2000 Madagascar [January-February] - Cape Verde [March] - Sudan [April-May] - Sudan [ September-October] - Haiti [November] - Croatia [November] - Sudan [December]

1999 Cameroon [January] - Sudan [February-March] - Haiti [March-April] - Madagascar [May-June] - Southern Sudan [August-September] and [November-December]

1998 Sudan [February-April] - Haiti [May-June] - Senegal [July] - Sao Tome & Principe [August] - Croatia [August-September] - Sudan [October-November]

1997 Cape Verde [January] - Sudan [March] - Tunisia [April-May] - Sao Tome & Principe [June] - Senegal [July] - Cape Verde [September] - Madagascar [October]

1996 Guinea-Bissau [January-February] - Sao Tome & Principe [March-April] - Madagascar [May] - Iran [June-July] - Tunisia [September-October] - Sao Tome & Principe [November-December]

1995 Tunisia [September-October] - Gabon [March-April] - Guinea-Bissau [May-June] - Gabon [October-November]

1994 Gabon [May-June] - Guinea-Bissau [July-August] - Gabon [September-October] - Guinea-Bissau [November-December]

1993 Turkey [February to November] - Gambia [November] - Gabon [December]

1992 Eritrea [September-October] - Burundi [November-December]

1990 to 1992 Burundi [August 1990 to August 1992]

1987 to 1990 Italy [May 1987] - Madagascar, Seychelles [June 1987 to June 1990]

1985 to 1987 Sierra Leone [January-February 1985] - Morocco [February to June 1985] - Sierra Leone [July-August 1985] - Tanzania [September 1985 to April 1987]

1980 to 1984 Senegal [May 1980 to September 1981] - Senegal, Benin, Cameroon, Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, [October 1981 to May 1984] - Mauritania, Mali, Guinea-Bissau [June to August 1984] - Tanzania [September to December 1984] .


Studying, travelling and working with people of different cultural backgrounds enabled me to speak several languages: Dutch [mother tong], French, English, Swahili, Spanish, Portuguees, and some words of Wolof, Arabic, Malagasy.



Being a consultant and loving Notho's can be hard at times. Thanks to my wife, I manage to stay in the species as she regularly collect eggs and changes the water during my months long absences from home.