MARK KNOPFLER Kill to get Crimson

Amsterdam Showcase 26th September 2007


Donegan's gone               

mp3 mp3

Amsterdam, Holland


Mark Knopfler

Guy Fletcher

Danny Cummings

Luke Brighty

Dudley Phillips

The Fizzy and the Still

(compressed video -Sound/Image of the DVD will be much better!)

Song for Sonny Liston        mp3 mp3
Rüdiger                            mp3 mp3
Let it all go                       mp3 mp3
The Fizzy and the Still        mp3 mp3
True love will never fade    mp3 mp3
Done with Bonaparte         mp3 mp3
Postcards from Paraguay mp3 mp3
Brothers in arms               mp3 mp3
Our Shangri-La                 mp3 n/a

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