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Matlock was an old school southern lawyer who always took every case he tried with a serious attitude and could always win in the manner he tried. He was the best person you would know in the city of Atlanta, Georgia,
Ben Matlock the lawyer that saves lives.

This is the English version of the first and only Dutch Matlock fansite on the web. Matlock was a Television Series that ran between 1986 and 1995 on NBC-ABC. On March 3, 1986 the very first pilot appeared on screen, and this would be followed by 195 regular episodes. In 1995 the series came to an end because of health problems of head role player Andy Griffith (Matlock). Clarence Gilyard Jr. (Conrad McMasters) was afterwards very succesful in the series Walker, Texas Ranger.

Andy Griffith as Benjamin (Layton) Matlock

LawyerBenMatlock Matlock was the unbeatable 'defense attorney' who could practicaly win every case he took on. In his white-grey cotton linnen suit, time and time again, he persuaded judge and jury in his favour. Although he was in fact a very exclusive private lawyer for the 'rich and famous' of Atlanta (Georgia), he could often be persuaded to take on a case for the ordinary man. Together with his love for the occassional 'hotdog on the stand' he was clearly an icon of American culture. Matlock was in fact a mixture of a courtroom series and a detective series, because the pleadings in the court were always preceded by the necessary detective work by Matlock's 'partners in practice', Tyler Hudson, afterwards Conrad McMasters, Matlock's daughters Leanne and Charlene, Michelle Thomas, Jerri Stone and Cliff Lewis. Together with the necessary humour on the side, this was clearly the success formula for the series. Click below for pictures of Matlock and the other castmembers:

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In total 195 regular episodes were made. Recently the first season of Matlock was released in a nice DVD-box by CBS. Here we meet the lovely Linda Purl, who performed Charlene, Matlock's daughter. Before taking on this role she allready deserved her stripes on the TV-screen in the ever popular series 'Happy Days' (as 'Fonzie's fiancée). Sadly she only did one season in the Matlock series. After that she still played several roles in movies for the TV-screen, as well as several TV-series and plays. Linda Purl is also active in the music industry, and recently released several albums (easy listening, vocal jazz).

At the moment we still have to wait for the other Matlock seasons (9 in total!)

In the meantime, on the next page you can read a short chronology of the series, as well as the top 20 best episodes, chosen on TV.com.

For a complete overview of all episodes with summary

Matlock Trivia

Matlock's street was in fact an integrated filmset which was used for several series and films. Matlock's house is situated in California, and can still be visited in the Universal studios.

Matlock can frequently be found in the kitchen cooking. Other hobby's that he practices in the series are fishing, cleaning his shoes and playing the banjo.

Before Matlock began his legal carreer as a lawyer, he made his living as a highschool teacher!

In spite of Matlock's successes in the large cases, he did actually loose some cases in which he himself was the party involved, like concerning the sale of Matlock's old refrigerator, and concerning a speeding ticket.

The series also served as a starting platform for a lot of young actors. A lot of the later star trek cast (voyager, deep space nine) passed the revue as supporting actors in Matlock.


Andy Griffith is most famous in the U.S. for his former successes as sheriff Andy Taylor, in The Andy Griffith Show (1960-1968), en Mayberry (1968-1971). Nevertheless, he himself considered 'Matlock' as his favoriete role.

After the series was finished, Matlock made a small comeback in a guestrole as Matlock in Diagnosis Murder.

At present Andy Griffith is enjoying his well deserved retirement on his ranch in Manteo (North Carolina), where he recently recovered from quadruple bypass surgery to the heart.

Matlock's nervous neighbour in season 3 en 4, Emmy award winner Don Knotts died in the beginning of 2006. In Europe he was mostly known for his leading roll in the first Herbie film, 'Herbie goes to Monte Carlo' (1977), in which Julie Sommars also played an important roll! Op TV.com he is described as the 'skinny, bug-eyed comic performer, adept at playing hypertense, frequently unnerved types'.

Less is known about the other Matlock cast members today. Some of them appeared in a few small roles in TV-series or in movies for the smaller screen (with exception to Conrad), others stopped acting after the series finished and pursued other carreers. Carol Hudson, who played Jeri Stone in the series, is today a successful real estate realtor in sunny California. She also brought out a couple of new age music albums. Kene Holliday (Tyler) is wed to well-known evangelist Linda Copling Holliday.

Andy Griffith's musical talents are not commonly known in Europe. As a kid he always wanted to become an operasinger! After his acting work finished he brought out a couple of albums. "I Love To Tell The Story" even won a Grammy Award in 1997 in the category 'Best Southern, Country or Bluegrass Gospel Album'!






Most songs are situated in the religious context, and create an image of the American South, where Andy Griffith grew up. Hearing these songs, you can easily picture Andy Griffith as one of the most devoted singers in his local church... You hear the voice of an old man, with all the emotion and vibration which makes it very authentic!

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Matlock Quotes

"Judge Raymond Price : Are you looking for trouble?
Ben Matlock : Trouble is a two-way street.
Judge Raymond Price : Are you threatening me?
Ben Matlock : I'm trying to do my job!"

"Give me a minute, your honor and I'll make the connection."

"I always make sense. I'm a rational, reasonable man".

"Shucks, it ain't no big deal. Just another open-and-shut case!"

"Every year I look for the nastiest, hatefulest, meanest man to represent and this year you're it"


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