Maya Lafere is a Belgian painter. She was born in the city of Kortrijk in Belgium in 1988. Her work speaks about the artificial space. We are surrounded by artificial structures. She is fascinated by the artificial Construction of the world. “For me painting is making an artificial Construction.” The spaces that we cross are artificial, like a painting. In her work she shows the scenography of life.

Life is a play, we are all players in the big circus called life.

Her work is about being and not being in the world, appearing and disappearing.

The authentic personality is hidden behind  the curtains of his look. It seems that to be is no longer the question. It is all about appearance. We are all actors in the play of life. We are travelling through different spaces, discovering the world.

We are collecting experiences.

But do the images respond to our experiences?
In our society we are trying to conserve things, but at the same time we kill them. We prefer to conserve the rainforest in a museum rather than to save the rainforest. Every place in the world is dominated by capitalism. Even in the desert we see indications about how we should behave, while the desert was always  a magic place of loneliness.

Lafere’s paintings are mostly based on drawings or photographs.  In her paintings the figures are visible and invisible at the same time.

She believes that strong individualism is typical for contemporary society. In her paintings she plays with forms and the suggestion plays an important role. There is something mysterious in the way she paints the space. At one hand the space looks very common. And on the other hand there is a strange atmosphere.

As a painter she is not aiming to present reality, but rather to question reality.