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Hike-Routes and Bike-Routes, GPX, KML, HTM - Files

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Download GPX Route from map Download GPX Route from list Draw and Download a GPX route
Download a Route from map:
With this part you can select a Route from the points given on a Google map overview.
(==>> The loading of this map overview can take some seconds, depending on your internet speed.)
Moving over a yellow dot on the map will show the Route name in a textballoon.
Click on a yellow dot on the map will show the question to download a Zip-file containing:
- a HTM-file ==> will give the Route on a google-map in your internet explorer
- a GPX-Route file ==> ready to download as Route on a GPS-divice or GPS-APPs
- a GPX-Track file ==> ready to download as Track on a GPS-divice or GPS-APPs
- a KML-file ==> ready to be loaded on the 'Google-Earth' program

Go to: Download a GPX Route from map

Download a GPX Route from list:
You can also download a Route from the Route-list:
Click on the RouteName in one of the two right columns to show the Route on a map or to download the Route as a Zip-File containing the GPX-Route-, GPX-Track-, KML- and HTM-files.

Go to: Download a GPX Route from list

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Draw and Download a GPX Route on a Google map:
With this part of this site it is possible to Draw and Download Routes for HikeTrips and BikeTrips on a 'Google map' or a 'OSM Map'.
Then you can save the Route-data as GPX-Route-File, GPX-Track-File or as KML-File.

First you can Center the shown map by entering a Location, Place, City or Country... and press 'Search'. The map will now center on the given location.
Then you should press the 'Start Draw RT'-button to begin the drawing of a new Route.
Each next click on the map will store the related coordinates as Latitude and Longitude.

With the 'Undo Last'-button you can remove the last drawn route line.
With the 'Edit Route'-button you can edit, change and move the drawn route lines.
Click 'Stop Edit'-button to end this edit action. You can add now again more route lines.

Click the 'End Draw RT' button when the drawing of the Route is finished.

Now you can choise to save the route as GPX-Route-File, GPX-Track-File or KML-File.
It is also possible to copy the Route as GPX-Route-File, GPX-Track-File or KML-File into the clipboard.
To save the Route as Route GPX file push button 'Save as GPX-Route'
To save the Route as Track GPX file push button 'Save as GPX-Track'
To save the Route as KML file push button 'Save as GPX-KML'
To copy the data as Route into the clipboard push button 'Copy as GPX-Route into Clipboard'
To copy the data as Track into the clipboard push button 'Copy as GPX-Track into Clipboard'
To copy the data as KML into the clipboard push button 'Copy as KML-Data into Clipboard'
The map can be printed by pushing the button 'Print this Map'
Go to: Draw and Download a GPX route

GoogleEarth can be free downloaded here.


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Notes on GPS use:

The GPX-code is a common protocol to interchange GPS-data between different devices and computers.
The GPX-file can contain: Waypoints, Routes, Tracks.

A Waypoint is an interresting Point on a map.
Each Waypoint is located by a Latitude and a Longitude.
Each Waypoint can also more be specified by a Description, a Name, a Number, a Comment, a Date and Time, .....

A Route is a predefined path indicating how a trip must be made.
It gives the way to be followed on a map by means of successive Waypoints.
A Route can also contain a Name, a Description, a Comment, ... and the successive Waypoints to be followed.

A Track is generated by the GPS-Device itself (options to be configured by the GPS-settings).
A Track gives the passed way as Waypoints of a made Hike- or Biketrip.
The interval of the Waypoints can be configured as time related or distance related places.
Each Waypoint in the Track can contain the coordinates, the time, the height.... of the passed point.

The specification of WayPoint, Route and Track can be found here.

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All used GPX files are tested on the 'Mapsource' program, with the 'Garmin Etrex Venture' GPS and also with the 'Garmin Oregon 300' GPS.
All used KML files will load on the 'Google Earth' program ver 4.3.
All used HTM files are running on Internet Explorer version 7.0.5730.13.
Use of the 'Google map':
- Position the map with the arrows on the upper left.
- Position the map also with dragging the mouse off target a Red Dot.
- Scale the map with the scale-tool on the left.
- Scale the map with a double Right or a double Left mouse click.
- Change the view with buttons 'map', 'Satellite', 'Both'.

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