7 Lessons in
Emotional Intelligence
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We use Neurolinguistics to increase and understand emotional intelligence.
This page keeps you up to date on the results obtained by
Patrick E. Merlevede .
Welcome to the quest of finding the secrets of successful people.

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August 1998 :

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Redactional content

A first teaser.

The main course: "7 articles on Emotional Intelligence"

The body of this site consists of a series of newspaper articles written in May and June 1998. They are intended to show to a large, non specialized, audience what Neuro-Linguistic research has to offer them. I've translated them for you, and added some notes to which Neuro-Linguistic Models they correspond.

  1. Solve your conflicts. Learn from each other.
  2. Knowing your customer improves your emotional intelligence as a salesperson
  3. EQ finds its place, even in computer projects
  4. Looking for a job? Make sure your boss shares your values
  5. Is there such a thing as universal expression of emotions? How to interpret Body Language.
  6. Coaching, Mentoring and Self-evaluation as ways to surprise yourself.
  7. How important is your client? Is this really so?

Other Articles

We collected an overview of the articles The "Case of the Month" section of the past issues of the EQ newsletter. Topics include communication, sales & negociation, employee initiative, coaching, testing EQ, ...

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Book: 7 lessons in emotional intelligence

The EQ Libray.

Our approach to increase your EQ is based on 25 years of research in the area of neuro-Linguistics. A lot has been written about this field. I made an inventory of over 100 interesting books. For your ease, I also provide links to Amazon.com so you can order the books. Visit my Library!
Patrick's Library on Neuro-Linguistics (and EQ)

Want to read more?

The reworked English version of my book "7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence" is now available!

EQ Bloopers

We decided opening a forum on this website for stories showing a (complete) lack of emotional intelligence in a given situation.

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On this site you can find all back issues of our monthly newsletter.
We created a new homepage for the 7EQ Newsletter.

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