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Get proven, measurable skills and techniques. Use them immediately in business.

Product-Description (for Companies):

This page wants to give you an overview of our product-range. We tailor each product to help you solve your specific problem. Please e-mail for more information!


Acknowledge developed the following improved training programs adapted to your needs, using our thorough knowledge of the areas of emotional intelligence, cognitive science and systems thinking. That' why we call it Applied NeuroLinguistics.


We eat our own dog food and are ready to do as we say. That's why we offer consulting services, such as:


Based on our book "7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence", several programs can be offered. First there is a basic program, which trains you in 7 Neuro-Logistics based models which will increase your emotional intelligence. Second, there is the advanced Emotional Intelligence Class, which focuses on techniques of emotional management (designing resource states, exploring your emotional choice, experiencing emotions, ...). Thirdly there is a program where you'll learn how to improve a company by paying attention to the HR aspects.

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