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This site is a Belgian sister site of Merl's World on NLP. It contains an introduction to NLP, a booklist and the Belgian Trainer's List. In the future, I hope to translate the content of the Dutch Language version of this site. Here is some other material, written in English, but with greetings from Belgium!


Apart from this, for the time being, this page is a summary and surf-page to get to other NLP-related information from Belgium and/or about Belgium, as far as NLP and related topics are concerned (of course).

NLP tools for Human Resources
NLP based Coaching
NLP applied to Emotional Intelligence



A far as I know, the following series of NLP sites made by Belgians could be of interest to you:

There are 11 NLP Institutes in Belgium - that I have heard of

What the heck is Belgium?

Follow this link for more information and a map...


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