Alphabetic List of NLP Books

Apart from the index, that sorts the books by topic, this list sorts the NLP books by Author. In my library there are some other books that aren't NLP (I reviewed at least 30 non-NLP books). Of course, I left those "other books" out of this alphabetic list. But they are yours to discover!

  1. C & S. Andreas, Change your mind - and keep the change, 1987
  2. C & S. Andreas, Heart of Mind: engaging your inner power to change with neuro-linguistic programming, 1989
  3. Steve Andreas, Virginia Satir - The patterns of her magic, 1991
  4. Connirea & Tamara Andreas, Core Transformation : Reaching the Wellspring Within, 1994
  5. S.Andeas & Charles Faulkner, Eds, NLP, The new Technology of Achievement, 1994
  6. Rodger C Bailey, MS, The Language and Behavior LAB Profile Manual: Hiring, Managing & and Selling for Peak Performance, 1991
  7. Dan S. Bagley III & Edward J.Reese, Beyond Selling, How To Maximize Your Personal Influence, 1988
  8. Richard Bandler & John Grinder, The structure of Magic, 1975
  9. R.Bandler & J.Grinder, Patterns of the techniques of Milton H.Erickson, Volume I, 1975
  10. R.Bandler & J.Grinder, The structure of Magic II, 1976
  11. Richard Bandler, John Grinder & Virginia Satir, Changing With Families: A book about further education for being human, 1976
  12. R.Bandler & J. Grinder, Frogs into Princes, 1979
  13. R.Bandler & J.Grinder, TRANCE-formations, 1981
  14. R.Bandler & J. Grinder, Reframing, NLP and the transformation of meaning, 1982
  15. R.Bandler (C & S. Andreas, eds.), Using your brain - for a change, 1985
  16. Richard Bandler & Will MacDonald, An Insider's Guide To Sub-Modalities, 1988
  17. R.Bandler, Time For A Change, 1993
  18. Richard Bandler, The Adventures of Anybody, 1993
  19. Wolfgang BERNARD, Le Chant Des Sirènes: La PNL et la perception pré-sensorielle, 1995
  20. Wolfgang BERNARD, In sich hinausgehen: Mit NLP zum Ur-Credo, 1996
  21. Don A. Blackerby, Ph.D., Rediscover the Joy of Learning, 1996
  22. Richard Bolstad with Margot Hamblett and Karen Dyer-Huria, Pro-fusion, Creating a life of Abundance with Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Energy Work, 1995
  23. Richard Bolstad and Margot Hamblett, Transforming Communication, Leading-edge professional and personal skills, 1997
  24. Andrew Bradbury, NLP for business success, 1997
  25. Michael Brooks, Instant Rapport, 1989
  26. Michael Brooks, The power of Business Rapport, 1991
  27. Leslie Cameron-Bandler, Solutions, Practical and Effective Antidotes for Sexual and Relationship Problems, 1985
  28. Leslie Cameron-Bandler, David Gordon & Michael Lebeau, The EMPRINT Method: A Guide to Reproducing Competence, 1985
  29. Leslie Cameron-Bandler & Michael Lebeau, The Emotional Hostage, Rescuing Your Emotional Life, 1986
  30. Shelle Rose Charvet, Words that Change Minds, Mastering the Language of Influence, 1995
  31. Jules Collingwood, The Strategic Edge in Trading: Building succesful trading habits, 1996
  32. Catherine Cudicio, Mieux vendre avec la PNL, 1989
  33. Marie-Noëlle Defrain, Et bien parlez maintenant, Comment faire passer son message, convaincre, acquérir plus d'influence?, 1995
  34. Rene de Lassus, La communication efficace par la PNL, 1992
  35. J.DeLozier & J.Grinder, Turtles all the way down: Prerequisites To Personal Genius, 1987
  36. A.B. Densky & M. Reese, Programmer's Pocket Summary, 1986
  37. Lucas Derks & Jaap Hollander, Essenties van NLP: Sleutels tot persoonlijke verandering, 1996
  38. R.Dilts , J.Grinder, R.Bandler & J.DeLozier, Neuro-Linguistic Programming: Volume I, The Study of the Structure of Subjective Experience, 1980
  39. R.Dilts, Roots of NLP, 1983
  40. Robert Dilts & Tod Epstein, NLP in Training Groups, 1989
  41. R.Dilts, Cognitive Patterns of Jesus of Nazareth: Tools of The Spirit, 1990
  42. R.Dilts, Changing belief systems with NLP, 1990
  43. R.Dilts, T.Hallbom & Suzi Smith, Beliefs: Pathways to health & well-being, 1990
  44. R.Dilts & J.Hollander, NLP & Life Extension: Modeling Longevity, 1990
  45. R.Dilts, Skills for the future, Managing Creativity and Innovation, 1993
  46. R.Dilts, Effective Presentation Skills, 1994
  47. Robert B.Dilts, The strategies of Genius (several Volumes), 1994
  48. Robert B.Dilts, Visionary Leadership Skills, Creating a world to which people want to belong, 1996
  49. Robert Dilts, 'Modeling with NLP', 1998
  50. R.Dilts & J.Delozier, NLP Encyclopedia, first volume expected by the end of 1998
  51. Patricia A.Dilts, My Pathway to Wholeness
  52. John J.Emerick, Jr, Be the person you want to be, Harness the Power of Neuro-Linguistic programming to Reach Your Potential, 1997
  53. Greogory Engel & Jay Arthur, The NLP Personal Profile, 1993 (Fifth Pinting1998)
  54. Monique Esser, La P.N.L. en Perspective, 1993
  55. Elisabeth FRIT, L'alcool, toi, moi et les autres, 1991
  56. David Gordon, Therapeutic Metaphors, 1978
  57. Michael Grinder, Righting the Educational Conveyer Belt, 1988
  58. Michael Grinder, ENVoY, Your Personal Guide to Classroom Management, 1993
  59. Michael Hall, Ph.D., Meta-States: A Domain of Logical Levels: Self-Reflectiveness in Human States Consciousness, 1995
  60. Michael Hall, Ph.D., Dragon Slaying, Dragons into Princes, Meta-Stating from Dragon States to Royal States, 1996
  61. Michael Hall, Ph.D., The Spirit of NLP, 1996
  62. Michael Hall, Ph.D., Becoming a Ferocious Presenter, 1996
  63. Michael Hall, Ph.D. & Bobby Bodenhamer, D.Min, Mind-Lines: Lines for changing minds, 1997
  64. L Michael Hall, & Bobby G. Bodenhamer, Figuring Out People - Design Engineering with Meta-Programs, 1997
  65. Thom Hartmann, Beyond ADD, The Hunting for Reasons in the Past and the Present, 1996
  66. J Hollander, L.Derks & A.Meijer, NLP in Nederland, 1990
  67. Sid Jacobson, Meta-cation, Prescriptions for Some Ailing Educational Processes, 1983
  68. Sid Jacobson, Solution States, A Course in Solving Problems in Business with the Power of NLP, 1996
  69. Tad James, M.S.,Ph.D., The Secret Of Creating Your Future, 1989
  70. Tad James and Ardie James, Lost Secrets of Ancient Hawaiin, 1993
  71. Kerry L.Johnson, Selling with NLP, 1993
  72. Sue Knight, NLP at Work, The difference that makes a difference in business, 1995
  73. Sue Knight, NLP Solutions - How to Model what works in business to make it work for you, 1999
  74. Helmut Krusche, Der Fronsh auf der Butter - NLP: Die grundlagen des NLP, 1992
  75. Genie Z. Laborde, Influencing with Integrity: Management Skills for communication & Negociation, 1984
  76. Paul Liekens, Het spel tussen het bewuste en het onbewuste: Werken met NLP, 1992
  77. Paul Liekens, NLP en relaties, 1995
  78. Paul Liekens, NLP en Spirituele Ontwikkeling, 1996
  79. Anné Linden and Murray Spalding, The Enneagram and NLP: a journey of evolution, 1994
  80. Marlin M. Mackenzie, Ed.D. with Ken Denlinger, Golf: The Mind Game, 1990
  81. Michael L.Mallows, The Power to use NLP, 1995
  82. Terrence L. McClendon, The Wild Days: NLP 1972-1981, 1989
  83. Patrick E. Merlevede & Rudy Vandamme, 7 Lessen in Emotionele Intelligentie, 1998
  84. Charlotte Bretto Milliner, A Framework for Excellence - A Resource Manual for NLP, 1988
  85. Charlotte Bretto Milliner, Judith Delosier, John Grindler & Sylvia Topel, Leaves before the Wind, Leading Edge Applications of NLP, 1991
  86. Joseph O'Connor, Not Pulling Strings: A book about Instumental Teaching and Music Education, 1987
  87. Joseph O'Connor & John Seymour, Introducing NLP, 1990
  88. Joseph O'Connor & John Seymour, Training with NLP, 1994
  89. Joseph O'Connor & Ian McDermott, Principles of NLP, 1996
  90. Joseph O'Connor and Robin Prior, Successful selling with NLP - The New Bazar, 1995
  91. Joseph O'Connor & Ian McDermott, The Art of Systems Thinking, Essential Skills for creativity and problem solving, 1997
  92. Joseph O'Connor, Leading with NLP, Essential Leadership Skills for Infuencing and Managing People, 1998
  93. Fritz Perls, The Gestalt approach & eye witness to Therapy, 1973
  94. Maryann Reese, How to Walk what you Talk, 1989
  95. Anthony Robbins, Unlimited Power: the new science of personal achievement, 1986
  96. Anthony Robbins, Giant Steps, 1994
  97. Martin Roberts, PhD, Change Management Excellence - Putting NLP to work in the 21st century, 1999
  98. Nick Rosa, Ph.D., Integrating Mind & Body for Better Golf - (1) Overcoming the Yips / (2) Putting, 1998
  99. Paul R. Scheele, M.A., The PhotoReading Whole Mind System, 1993
  100. D.J.Spence, The Carnival, 1987
  101. Robert L.Spencer, The Craft of the Warrior, 1993
  102. Thies Stahl, Triffst du 'nen Frosch unterwegs ...: NLP für Praxis, 1988
  103. Thies Stahl, Neurolinguistisches Programmieren (NLP): Was es kann, wie es wirkt un wem es hilft, 1992
  104. C.Van Nagel, E.J.Reese, M. Reese , & R.Siudzinski, Mega-Teaching and Training, Neurolinguistic programming applied to education, 1993
  105. J.B.Waever, The Polarity Response or "Why is it that I never get what I want?", 1985
  106. Peter Wryckza, Ph.D., Living Awareness, Awakening to the roots of Learning and Perception, 1997
  107. Jeffrey K.Zeig, A teaching seminar with Milton H.Erickson, 1980
  108. Richard A. Zarro & Peter Blum, The Phone Book: Breakthrough Neurolinguistic Phone Skills for Profit and Enlightenment, 1989
  109. Nelson Zink, The structure of Delight, 1991

Among the books that are not in this alphabetic list, but of which I produced short reviews, are the books of Bateson, Korzybski, Perls, and Satir.
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