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Name: Patrick E.C. Merlevede  Nationality: Belgian

Place/Date of Birth: Bilzen, 7-DEC-1967 - Drivers License: Type B

Married to: Evelynn Van Mossevelde (16 July 1993)
Children: a son called Denis, born 21 April 1998

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Snail mail
: Tieltsesteenweg 22, 9900 EEKLO, BELGIUM
Tel: +32 (475) 87.08.52 / Fax: +32 (9) 378.48.88

Contact by E-mail

Professional Mission Statement:

Gather Knowledge from different sources
and redistribute it by whatever means needed.

I'll help you to better use your knowledge! Whether the desired result involves computer technology, human intelligence, organizational design or strategic planning, I'll be flexible enough to be part of the team that comes up with the desired results.

Professional Activities:

My core business are research into emotional intelligence at the workplace and creating models of excellence. I'm often involved into training and consulting projects in the domains of Human Resources and Knowledge Management. I operate as part of an international virtual organization, by forming partnerships with other training & consulting organizations with related activities and a similar vision and mission.
In this context my focus currently goes to, an Application Service Provider I founded to develop & commercialize work related questionnaires. jobEQ's questionnaires are used internationally, and I keep expanding the network.

I'm also still working on my Ph.D (as a kind of background project in quiet moments). The topic of the research is a new NLP modeling methodology respecting remarks from the field of philosophy of science. In a first phase I have applied this new methodology to whiplash. My goal was to find out the differences between fast and slow recovery from a whiplash. This phase ended with a peer reveiwed paper published in "Consilio Manuque", the belgian Magazine for Medicine in the context of Accidents". In a second phase this technology became the core of, software which is useful for recruiting, coaching & training purposes.

Free-lance activities:

Apart from Emotional Intelligence & modeling projects (see, I have some other activities, such as:

  • Real-Estate: management of the Pinehurst Estates (involves project planning, construction coordination, rentmaster work, etc)
  • Free-Lance Journalist, specializing in e-HRM and emotional intelligence
  • NLP: guest-trainer in NLP based trainings


For an up to date list of books & translations, see jobEQ's book page



Also take a look at my other web pages


at the University of Leuven, Belgium (1985-1992) :

  • Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science (distinction, July '92) -> click here
  • Commercial Engineer, Spec. Management Informatics (July '90) -> click here
    (According to the European Agreement of Bologna, this degree is the equivalent of a master's degree)

at the Sint-Jozef College (1973-1985) :

Personal Training:

I keep developing myself so that I have all the capacities needed in order to work in whatever area wanted. Learning is one of my highest values.

People Skills:

  • Spiral Dynamics
    SDi Levels I & II (trained by Don Edward Beck,PhD , Wakefield, UK, 1-5 Feb.2002)
  • NLP:
    Trainer's Training (NLP University, 5-17 August 1996)
    Assistant to Robert Dilts and the NLP Community Leadership Project (17-21 June 1997)
    Modeling and Epistemology (NLP University, 24 June - 6 July 1997)
    Master-Practitioner (sept'94-june'95), Practitioner (sept'93-juni'94), at Inmind bvba
    (I also assisted in the InMind practitioner-course of '94-'95)
  • "Social Styles and Professional Relations" (22-23April'93), IBM Education Center

Computer Skills

  • Practical Statistics Using Microsoft Excel (Post-Graduate education, KULAK, 5 sessions Apr-May 2002)
  • KISS-methodology (feb'96)
  • Platinum User's Conference, Oct'95 & Aug'96 (vendor of Products such as AionDS and Paradigm+)
  • Member of Microsoft Site Builder Network (Level II)
  • Informix Online System administrator (22-25 Feb. 1993)

Quality Management

  • Quality Function Deployment (QFD) - (Apr'96, CKZ West-Vlaanderen)
  • Sessions ISO-9001 (Sept'95 - Dec'96, CKZ West-Vlaanderen)
  • CKZ West-Vlaanderen: "How To's" of Quality Improvement Projects, 4 evenings okt-nov'94

Application Areas

  • 1st World Conference for Systemic Management, May 1-6, 2001, Vienna
  • Lifelong Learning and the Active Affluent Society, Post-Graduate education K.U.leuven, (6 days Feb-Sept 2000)
  • ASTD Conference 2000, May, Dallas
  • HR Management Cycle (13 sessions feb-may 1999).
    Topics included: Search & Selection / Training & Development / Appraisal & Renumeneration) Organized by SBM Stichting BedrijfsManagement - Brugge.
  • Course Cycle on Advanced Credit Management (end of '93), Belgian Banking Association
  • workshops on the Annual Statements of Accounts: Control / Financial analysis / Fixed Assets,
    EHSAL (9 evenings Jan'93-April '93)
  • Seminar "An overview of the company in numbers", V.E.V. & Lessius N.V. (17 Nov. '92)
  • Integrated Logistics Management, 24th Series of Postgraduate Courses Ekonomika (14, 20 & 21 march '92)


  • Dutch: Native
  • French & English: close to excellent
  • German: elementary

Previous Positions:

In 1997 I became self-employed and founded my own company, Acknowledge, with the aim of helping organizations to better use their Knowledge (see the Acknowlegde website). An important building block in my work became emotional intelligence, and I wrote several books around this theme. Since then, I decided to focus on jobEQ, where more and more of the training, coaching and consulting activities is done by partners. Since 2004, my training and consulting activities are mainly limited to help partners use jobEQ's tools (certify new partners and consultants in new countries, etc).

Advanced Communication & Consulting

Visit the web site!

For 5 years, between oct'92 and sept'97, to be exact, I worked as Knowledge Management Consultant for Warmoes & Van Damme NV. Warmoes was a small consulting firm in Gent, Belgium (from 1985 till end of 1998). The company's mission: "To bring measurable improvements to the activities of the customers, by using Knowledge Management".

I've been working for 8 customers, from the financial sector over transportation to the government. From medium-sized companies to large companies. Projects subjects ranged from planning systems to business process redesign and implementation of complete new computer systems. On these projects, I've done tasks ranging from programming over design to management consulting and project management. (to find out more details, read Projects for Warmoes & Van Damme NV)

Apart from project work, I was in charge of operations within the firm: among my tasks were the management of the MIS (NT Server with Windows Clients), managing the Loggings & Master Schedule, Quality Coordination and assisting in sales and hiring.

Other Experience:

Before working for Warmoes & Van Damme, I built up some experience in several areas, most of them related to computer sciences. (see Details on Job experience before 1992)

Other activities (present or past):

Associations :

  • Board Member "Werkgroep Monumentenzorg Eeklo" (Local Historical Society)
  • Board Member "Contactgroep Beleidsinformatici Leuven" (CBL)
  • Founding Member AIESEC Alumni Leuven / member of Aiesec Alumni International
  • Associate Member of IEEE (affiliate Computer Society)
  • Member of the New York Academy of Science
  • Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Member "Ekonomika Alumni"

Sports / Hobbies :

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