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The NLP Community Leadership Project wants to gather NLP trainers from around the world and have them expressing their idea's and focussing on the future. The purpose is to enrich the filed of NLP and support its larger mission by:

Let us come together in unity to dream a future that we want, then build a solid foundation of epistemology, research, development of a plan and it's implementation,... right into reality.

The hope and dream of the NLP Community Leadership Project is that the ideas that develop here will continue in the future. This gathering of people, who have a common interest in the continual development in the field of NLP, have great potential for extending many good ideas into real projects. The plans we propose here could become the supporting structure of: networking and information centers, research for new NLP applications, and many important community centers and steps forward for the field.


(document section added on 9th May 1997, rewritten from Teresa's letter to the participants):

"This is the home of NLP where creative fires burn strong and synergy of intelligent people working together has a tradition of producing impressive results. I think we will all be surprised on how much progress we can make when we feel connected to, and supported by, our communities."

"Come with the right expectations, so we can all be aligned and productive from the very beginning:


The general plan is for the NLP Community Leadership Conference & Workshop to be made up of several different components.

The first 2 days (June 17 & 18): NLP Community Leadership Project - NLP Trainers Only

Presentations on important and relevant topics, inspirational speakers who have made significant social contributions, panel discussions of relevant development areas, and strategy teams to define and explore the implementation of particular development areas. At this inspirational program, NLP Trainers will benifit by expanding their own leadership skills and strategies.

There will be 7 to 9 topics that will be focussed on by the strategy teams. The purpose of the strategy teams is to define ways NLP can be used to support different elements of a healthy community. The strategy teams will be organized around interest, professional expertise and ability to contribute to the application area. Together team members will develop visions of a future that can be co-created by the entire NLP community.

This workshop will have a structure that enables anyone to have a voice, and a process for co-creating which will support the development of the field of NLP and our communities.

Although this conference is open to all NLP trainers, NLP University is inviting a small group of NLP trainers to give input during the planning stages and to support the strategy teams during the conference.

If you know NLP Trainers whom you know could participate in the NLP Community Leadership project but have not yet registered, please let Theresa Epstein know so she can contact them.

The trainers are asked to fill out a questionaire, which now is accisible from this web site.

The next 2 days (June 19 & 20): Visionary Leadership Workshop - Open to the General Public

The workshop will bring forth esential skills and tools that are required to bring about change. These skills involve self exploration and discovery as much as they involve interacting with others. They relate to forming and clarifying one's own dreams and ideas, sharing those with others, transforming dreams into actions and engaging the help of others to bring dreams and ideas into reality.

The strategy teams formed during the first 2 days will continue to work together during this workshop to further develop their dreams and ideas into workable paths and plans.

NLP Trainers are encouraged to bring a delegation of pleople whom they have trained, who are curious and want to be further involved in making this field grow. Bringing a supportive delegation of people who might be interested in continuing to support NLP Community projects back home, while staying connected to the NLP community, will help bring to life the dreams we are trying to make a reality.

On Saturday Morning, June 21st

The strategy teams will consolidate and present the action steps that they have come up with during the previous four days.

The material presented on the morning of the 21st will be collected and compiled into a booklet representing our dreams and plans for the future of our field, our community and our world. It is the intention to publish this booklet and make it available to the larger community.

Results of the project

Several projects are planned around this event:

Where & When:

At The Coconut Grove in Santa Cruz (75 Miles south of San Francisco and 35 Miles west of San Jose). Right in the town where NLP started!

June 17 - June 21, 1997

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