NLP Community Leadership Project

Purpose of the Project: To explore NLP's mission and vision of the path to the next millennium.


Find some answers to the questions, and send them to Teresa Epstein !!

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Telephone 408 336-3457 or Fax 408 336-5854

I. What are some quotations that you feel provide guidance and/or motivation to create a healthy community and a positive future?

II. What is a metaphor, symbol or image that you feel represents the evolution of NLP, its direction for the future and its role in the larger community?

III. What global trends will continue on into the next millennium?

IV. What is needed to effectively deal with these trends?

V. What is the path to the next millennium?

VI. What are some examples of projects that reflect the mission of NLP along this path?

VII. How can we develop our vision of our path to the next millennium? What is an exercise that would help people open up to the possibilities of the future?

VIII. What is NLP's mission with respect to the next millennium?

IX. Do you have any suggestions for inspirational speakers or models who have made significant social contributions?

X. Do you have a project that has used NLP to make a significant social or community oriented contribution? if so, would you want to make a short presentation about it during the workshop? Please provide a short description of it below.

XI. Would you want to be involved in a panel discussion on a particular application area? If so, what area?

XII. Any other suggestions?

Questionaire Compilation: Take a look at a compilation of some answers!

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