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This is the invitation that has been sent to NLP Trainers around the world. NLP Trainers and Promoters have been invited to the
NLP Community Leadership Project June 17 - 21 in Santa Cruz fees: $350

This is a sample letter for informational purposes. NLP Trainers, promoters and those who have made contributions to the field are encouraged to contact Teresa at Dynamic Learning Center for an invitation.

Dear Friends,

We are planning a special event and would like you to join us in Santa Cruz this Summer. This event will be called the NLP Community Leadership Project. The purpose of this gathering is to create a context in which NLP trainers can recognize the NLP community that already exists, define their common interests, honor their diversity, and create a positive future.

In 1997, the NLP World Health Community conference is going to take place at the University of California at Santa Cruz from June 22-24. We are planning to host the NLP Community Leadership Project June 17-21 - the week prior to the Health Community conference. The purpose of this program is to enrich the field of NLP and support its larger mission by:

  • cultivating inclusion (as opposed to demanding consensus)
  • promoting an orientation to a positive future
  • fostering contribution to larger systems beyond ourselves

The general plan is for the NLP Community Leadership Conference & Workshop to be made up of several different components.

The first 2 days (June 17 & 18) will be a NLP Community Leadership Project with all NLP trainers welcome. We plan to have presentations on important and relevant topics, inspirational speakers who have made significant social contributions, panel discussions of relevant development areas, and strategy teams to define and explore the implementation of particular development areas. The purpose of the strategy teams is to define ways NLP can be used to support different elements of a healthy community. The strategy teams will be organized around interest, professional expertise and ability to contribute to the application area. Together team members will develop positive visions of a future that can be co-created by the entire NLP community.

The next 2 days (June 19 & 20) will be focused on Visionary Leadership and will be open to the larger public. The strategy teams formed during the first 2 days will continue to work together during this workshop to further develop their dreams and ideas into workable paths and plans.

On Saturday morning, June 21st the strategy teams will consolidate and present the action steps that they have come up with during the previous four days.

Although this conference is open to all NLP trainers, we are personally inviting a small group of NLP trainers to give us input during the planning stages and to support the strategy teams during the conference. You are one of the individuals we are including at this level of involvement. We are wondering if you have the time and interest to provide input and help support the conference by filling out a questionnaire.

Our idea is to have 7-9 topics that will be focused on by the strategy teams. We want this workshop to have (a) a structure that allows for everyone to have a voice, and (b) a process for discovering new ideas supporting the development of the field of NLP. By supporting each other's good ideas and bringing forth ecological models for community service and empowerment, we can transform the image of NLP.

Since we are currently in the planning stage, we would like you to help us to set the themes and the tone of the program. A questionnaire will be found at the end of this letter. If you would like to participate, please fill it out and send it back to us, as soon as possible. Please indicate on your questionnaire if you will be able to participate in the project.

Our vision is that the material presented on the morning of the 21st would be collected and compiled into a booklet representing our dreams and plans for the future of our field, our community and our world. We intend to publish this booklet and make it available to the larger community.

We all have a dream of a healthy world, where individuals are valued and supported by their communities, and in return, support their communities. This workshop is meant to have a structure that supports true democracy and is a catalyst for developing leadership and social commitment. Let us come together in unity to dream a future that we want, then build a solid foundation of epistemology, research, development of a plan and it's implementation,...right into reality.

With respect, appreciation and excitement,

Teresa, Judy, Robert
NLP Community Leadership Conference and Workshop


Registration Form

Filt out the Questionaire, and send it together with the information below to Terasa Epstein.

Registration: Name _________________________________________________





A $350 tuition fee is due. It can be paid with

  • a check in US dollars
  • or a Visa or Mastercard -> n __________________________________ex_____

Please send the registration form to
or P.O. Box 1112, Ben Lomond, California 95005 USA.
Telephone 408 336-3457 or Fax 408 336-5854

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