Final Confirmation June 5, 1997

Dynamic Learning Center
Robert Dilts ~ Judith DeLozier ~ Suzi Smith ~ Tim Hallbom ~ Lara Ewing
P.O. Box 1112, Ben Lomond, California 95005
phone (408) 336-3457 fax (408) 336-5854
NLP Community Leadership Project
June 17-21, 1997 ~ Fees to cover expenses: $350

June 17 8am- registration
June 17 & 18, meetings 9am-5pm ~
June 19 & 20, meetings 9:30am-5:30pm ~
Last Meeting June 21, final meeting 9:30am-1pm

Dear Friends,

We look forward to welcoming you to Santa Cruz and the NLP Community Leadership Project. We will be meeting at the Coconut Grove on the beach and near the wharf. People from 25 countries and 30 states will be participating.

Santa Cruz is located about 75 miles south of San Francisco, and about 35 miles south west from San Jose. To get here from either San Francisco or San Jose airports, make reservations with the Santa Cruz Airporter shuttle (408) 423-1214. Participants of this program will stay in hotels in the vicinity. This is a resort town in the summer and it is necessary to make hotel reservations now.

When you first arrive and if you need accommodations near the SF airport call the El Rancho Best Western Motel at (415) 588-2912. They have a 24-hour shuttle to the airport. Mention that you are with NLP University and the rate should be about $88/night.

We will be meeting at the Coconut Grove, on the beach, near the boardwalk and warf. From Hwy. 17 or Hwy 1 follow signs to the Beach boardwalk. As you come down beach street, you will see the big yellow Coconut Grove building at the corner of Beach Street and Cliff Street. You can't miss it. Park in the parking lot across the street. I believe if you get there before 9am, it;s free. Once you leave it costs to get back in.
As you approach the Coconut Grove you will see a welcoming sign at the far right side of the building. The door below the welcome sign is where to go. Then go up stairs to the Bayview room where you will find the group.

Registration will begin at 8 am June 17. The program will begin at 9am or when almost everyone is there. Community lunches are part of the first two days program.

Audio tapes, perhaps CD's and a video may be recorded at the NLP Community Leadership program. Copies will be available to participants. Individually recording will not be allowed during the program. Photos are distracting to the presenters, so we ask that you wait until the appropriate times to take photos. We will have a class picture. We also hope to produce a book from what is brought out in discussion and what we learn from each other.

Please bring information about your Institute, courses, and projects that you want to share with the community. If appropriate, bring order forms to sell products, but not products. There will be tables to put materials on. We want everyone to be able to share information, but don't want to have sales distract us from our mission.

The invitation to participate in this forum on Leadership has had an overwhelming response. Topics for presentations will be choosen that are directly related to the Leadership project. We have many interesting presentation proposals. Most topics are forward thinking and exciting applications of how NLP can contribute to a better world. The conference has the intention of bringing the community together around visions of a positive future. People who want to discuss issues that are unrelated to the NLP Community Leadership Project should find other venues before or after they come to participate in the project in Santa Cruz. In service to the field, we want to stay focused on the good things that are possible to accomplish together.

Best Wishes,

Teresa Epstein, Dynamic Coordinator

Please make the tuition payment now, if you have not already. It will greatly help with registering 160 people.
At registration, we will be taking pictures to put on an information web site on the Internet. We will also be filming and recording the presentations, everyone will be asked to sign a release form giving us the right to reproduce and sell materials related to this event.


We will be giving Certificates of Completion to people who fully participate;
Please let me know now by fax, e-mail, letter, how you would like your name spelled exactly:
_________________, ok ~ Name on Certificate?

If you have a Mac computer and or a laptop and want to bring it with you please do, it may be useful.

Booklets, paper and other materials will be provided.

Evenings will be eventfull: Approximate times~

Strategy Teams

Here is a list of potential topics of the Strategy teams. Please help us to refine them and distill them down to 7-9 key areas. Please number the topics in the order of which Strategy Team you would like to belong to. (Feel free to add something if you think it is missing.) Many different groups will be collaborating.
__ Environment __ Technology
__ Health __ Communications and Networking
__ Education __ Media
__ Business __ Family and Community
__ Arts and Creativity __ Research
__ Epistemology __ Politics
__ Modeling __ Cross-Cultural Relations
__ Economy __ Spirituality
__ Social Issues and Human Rights

Some more information you might need:

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