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CASE STUDY: 1997-1998

Get your NLP-material on the internet

A compass to "correct" advertising.

Patrick E. Merlevede, M.Sc

Below I describe my approach to getting commercial NLP-material on the internet, in a way that is acceptable to the Internet Community. I point out several options, even if I personnally consider building your own site is the best way to put advertisements on the Internet. The hints in this page are applicable to other fields, but let me share my personal experience in the NLP domain as a kind of case study.

Option 1: Create your own web site.

The first thing you need for that is to get some place on the server of your provider.
E.g., my provider, CompuServe, gives my 5MB, which I used to put my site on. This comes as a part of my internet subscription, which only costs me about 10 USD/month.
There are also a few places where internet space comes for FREE, such as, and .

The second part of it, once you have a place to put your info, is to create webpages.
One possibility is "Do It Yourself": CompuServe offers a very simple (but limited) tool for this (HomePage Publishing Wizard), maybe other providers have similar tools, but modern software is available (e.g. add-ons for Microsoft Office'95 and '97, tools like FrontPage'98, ...). For inspiration on "the look and feel", model from other sites: look at features you like, and make something similr yourself. Go to places where free stuff like backgrounds, signs, lines, etc can be found. (warning: do NOT copy stuff that falls under copyright law, such as special artwork, ...)

Designing your pages is a process with a lot of pitfalls. The Web Site Garage will help you to locate some. Jacob Nielsen's Site will give you some clues on what to do and what to avoid. He also has a list of sites on how to build site.

Web Site Garage

Tune Up Your Web Site Free:

Mutual Links: A third thing is to get other sites to add links to your site (e.g. the trainer's list on my site includes links to any site that has been communicated to me). This is done by offering them to include a link to their site in return. Also, you subscribe to the mayor search engines, hoping that people will fnd you that way.

Your URL anywhere: Finally, you add the link to your site to your "signature", so every e-mail you send out contains the addess to your site. Don't stop there: also add your e-mail address and URL to your letterhead and to any paper publication you get out. A site can be a great way to supplement your normal advertising. You can put all the info online that you always wanted to share, but which you kept for yourself because of the prohibitive cost of paper publications.

Acknowledge Web Building Services
read my offer!

Since I've had a lot of questions on the topic of getting one's advertisements for special events on the web, I'm offering web-building services through Acknowledge. If this document convices you need a website, but you perfer to stay out of the technical details, feel free to contact me, and maybe we can work out an arrangement (covering step 1 to 3 of what I mentioned before).

Another possiblity is to pay someone to do this for you: again: your provider could offer such a service, or I can do this for you, through Acknowledge, my consulting organization.

Option 2: Put info on public web Sites

Another solution is to look which web sites on NLP add announcements for seminars: e.g. on the Trainer's List, you can add a few lines with info, or where you can buy add space.
I don't have enough information what other sites do in this area. The depends on the webmaster of the site.You could try Stever's web site: " ", the nlp information server: " " and the NLP in The Netherlands site. (see the FAQ of Merl's World on NeuroLogistics for more information)

This option can be combined with option 1: it that case you use these "public web sites" as an aid to get internauts surfing to your site.

Option 3: Concentrate on Newsgroups (or Forums)

Participate actively in newsgroup, answering people's questions, so that they will know you once they are ready to look for training. The danger is that you can get bad publicity by using the newsgoups as an advertising forum. Soner or later, the members in the forum may react against you... So a lot of caution is needed. Also, being active in newsgroup can be *** very *** time consuming!

This option can be combined with option 1: use the newsgroups as a way to get visitors to your site: at each message you send to the newsgroup, you add your signature, featuring your URL...

Option 4: Start a Newsletter

This works like sending out a newsletter on paper, but with "reduced costs": you can forget paying the stamps, the paper, the envelope and the printer! It basicly is free, except for your work of making the newsletter, that is. However, it has similar problems to a "normal" newsletter or a mailing: where do you get the addresses?

And guess what, how about combining this feature with "Option 1"? Your site can serve as a way to attract people to subscribe to your newsletter (take a look at "7 lessons in Emotional Intelligence" for an example). Your newsletter, in turn, can be used to get people to revisit your site.

Patrick E Merlevede can be contacted for assistance on building your web site, through his company, Acknowledge. Rely on 11 years of Internet experience! Member of Microsoft Site Builder Network (Level 2) Microsoft Site Builder Network Logo

Among others, I've also designed the web sit of School voor NLP and of InMind

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