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Patrick E.C. Merlevede, MSc is a specialist in emotional intelligence, human resources and knowledge management. His aim is to be your compass in these areas, by writing, developing solutions, training and consulting.

PRODUCTS: Research in the area of Emotional Intelligence applied to human resources is Patrick's real passion. This resulted in several commercial products. He is a co-developer of the Work Attitude and Motivation toolset (iWAM), the COMET competence based recruiting & assessment method, the Value Systems Questionnaire and the SMART Action oriented coaching process. (see

WRITING: He is the lead author of "7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence" (2001) and "Mastering Mentoring & Coaching with Emotional Intelligence" (2004) as well as several other books. He writes the 7EQ newsletter and is a free-lance journalist for several HR Publications. (see

SPEAKING: Patrick has been invited as speaker on topics such as knowledge management, emotional intelligence and motivational issues by several HR organisations (IHRIM, VOV, VDP, ...), trade associations, etc (e.g. IIR, IEEE, ANLP, the European Federation of Insurance Companies, ...).

TRAINING: He developed several training programs on topics such as emotional intelligence, leadership, recruiting, mentoring and coaching. He has been training internationally, in countries such as Australia, Belgium, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Kuwait, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, United Kingdpm, United States, ... As open seminars, these trainings are also run in collaboration with Kluwer Opleidingen (Vlaanderen), Gestion 2000 (Wallonie), EQ AT WORK (Australia), PGPE (England), ... These training programs are also adapted to specific demands of organizations.

CONSULTING: He provides consulting on the same topics, helping companies to implement what he teaches or develops.

OFFICE: The various business ventures Patrick Merlevede is involved in are coordinated from the Offices in The Convent:
Contact Information (Office)
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The Convent
Tieltsestraat 22
B-9900 EEKLO
TEL: +32 (475) 87.08.52
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Background: (See also C.V.) Patrick spent several years at the Catholic University of Leuven (K.U.Leuven) where he obtained a Master degree in Applied Economics (Commercial Engineering and Computer Science) and a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence (Cognitive Science Option). Since then, he studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (up to trainer's level) and Human Resources. He is certified in Spiral Dynamics and as LAB Profile trainer. He became internationally known through the website "Merl's World on NeuroLogistics", founded in 1995.

Hobbies: Model Railways (LGB/Playmobil & Marklin HO), Ford Mustang Oldtimer 1968 and Architecture (especially the history of old buildings).


  • Because he has been active on the internet since 1994, Patrick got himself a respectable "Google Number"
    (a person's Google number indicates the number of webpages that refer to that person)
  • If you like to see a "typical homepage" (dates from July 1998),
    check out the picturebook of Patrick and his family...
    (warning: the pictures are 20 to 45 KB, so that page may take some time to load)

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