Invest in your future:
a "Summer in Paris"
August 2000

main trainer:
Patrick E. Merlevede, M.Sc
your personal Emotional Intelligence
17-19 August
Implementing Emotional Intelligence
in a business Environment
21-25 August
both programs can be taken separately, or as part of a package.
Learn the EQ habits of succesful people
  • Topics: measuring your EQ and improving it, managing your emotions, improving your creativity, rapport building skills, managing conflicts, levels in experience, succesful plans, asking the right questions, ...
  • Course material: you get a special version of the book "7 lessons in Emotional Intelligence".
Become an EQ manager for the 21st century
  • Topics: upgrading the management issues and tools of today to take EQ into account. We deal with recruitment, training, coaching, appraisal, competence management, quality management, business culture, teamwork, ...
  • Course Material: you get handouts consisting of powerpoint slides and tool templates, as well as an early draft of the book "Implementing EQ in business".
Price: 550,- Euro (*) Price: 899,- Euro (*)
Price for 2 programs combined (8 days of training): 1299,- Euro (*)
Enrol by June 15th and receive a 5% early bird discount = 64,95 EURO.
Group discounts: 2 persons = 5% reduction on total invoice / 3 persons or more = 10% reduction on invoice
Enrolment Form - EQ Summer in Paris
print this form and fax it to ACKNOWLEDGE at +32 (9) 378.48.88

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  # people total price (Euro)
Full program @ 1299 Euro(*)    
Only "Improving your emotional intellingence" @ 550 Euro(*)    
Only "Implementing emotional intelligence in a business environment" @ 899 Euro(*)    
- Early Bird Discount (5%) : -  
- Group discount ( ___%): -  

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To enroll now, send this form and a deposit of 50% to:
Acknowledge - EQ Summer School, Bardelare 18, B-9971 Lembeke, Belgium
Tel +32 (475) 87.08.52 - Fax: +32 (9) 378.48.88
(*) The prices include course material & teaching only.
Price excludes sales tax: Business Customers needing an invoice have to add 19,6% sales tax.
You have to book your own hotel accomodation. For lunches: there are plenty of restaurants in the neigboorhood
Training Location: offices of
PNL-REPERE - 78, Avenue du général Michel Bizot, 75012 Paris.
Call PNL-REPERE at +33 (1) for help in finding hotel accomodation.

/ - Note: we also offer Dutch language programs in Belgium and French language programs in Paris