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Researching the secrets of excellence, aiming to redistribute the collected knowledge.
Patrick E.C.Merlevede (born on 7 December 1967) is a founding partner of the INTEGRAL PERSPECTIVES GROUP, an international network of NLP-inspired companies. His own main interests include finding better ways to assess & recruit people, as is shown by jobEQ.com and emotional intelligence in general (see 7EQ.com). He is the lead author of 7 steps to emotional intelligence (2001) and of "Mastering Mentoring and Coaching with Emotional Intelligence" (2004).

He graduated in 1990 as commercial Engineer, mayor in Computer Science (a five year University Program combining engineering and economics). In 1992 he obtained his Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science Option at the K.U.Leuven. During this multidisciplinary training, he learned about developments in Linguistics, Psychology, Medicine and Engineering.

Since 1992 he has been active in the area of Neuro-Linguistics. In 1996 he participated with success in the trainer's course at NLP University (at University of California, Santa Cruz) and in 1997 he was a resource person to the NLP Leadership Conference (also at Santa Cruz). His main interest is to apply findings in this field in human resources. This has resulted in a coaching & mentoring approach and in tools to measure attitude, values and competencies in a reliable way. And in 2000 that has lead to the creation of jobEQ.com.

He has been combining work and study since 1990, and continues to do so. At this very moment he is still working at his Ph.D (as a "background" project), in which he working out scientific acceptable ways to apply the NLP modeling strategies. Next to jobEQ tools, such as the inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM), this has involved a project for diagnosing and curing Whiplash.

In 1997 he founded Acknowledge, his own consulting company that became one of the founding members of the INTEGRAL PERSPECTIVES GROUP. Acknowledge works in the fields of knowledge management. Its specialization in applying the principles of Neuro-Linguistics, e.g. for human resources (recruitment, training and coaching). Over the years, Patrick Merlevede developed a series of standard course materials aimed at helping the participants to increase their emotional intelligence. Most of these materials are build around his books "7 Steps to Emotional Intelligence" and "Mastering Mestoring and Coacing with Emotional Intelligence". Another outcome is the jobEQ.com web site. This web site offers NLP inspired recruting, assessment & coaching-tools over the internet.

His main prior business achievements are in the field of Knowledge Management. He worked as a consultant on projects for the Social Security sector, insurance companies, banks and some industrial companies. These projects had both a process/HRM aspect and a computer implementation aspect. In these projects, he has executed a series of tasks, going from technical issues through analytical project steps to project coordination and negotiation.

Patrick E. Merlevede, M.Sc. also published several scientific papers in the fields of computer science, Neuro-linguistics and HRM. As free-lance journalist, he frequently contributes articles about e-HRM.

Since 1993 Patrick has been married to Evelynn Van Mossevelde. Together they have a son: Denis (born in Gent, 21 April 1998)

Patrick Merlevede can be reached through Pinehurst NV, Sportlaan 7, 9900 EEKLO (Belgium), tel +32 (475) 87.08.52 or by e-mail
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