Metal To InfinityTIC CIS

Besides the Swiss Alpes and chocolate we also have metal! Yes!! One of the newest bands that I discovered is this 23rd. Grade Of Evil and their second album ‘Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream’. My first impression when I received this album was : great artwork, good design, nice booklet with pictures of all members, and of course the lyrics. This seems to be a product to be proud of! Secondly, the music, what could we expect?

There was an info sheet included, but most of the times, I read such promo flyers after a few listening. What label would suggest that the presented music is just average, so you don’t get an objective opinion with some promo talk. Opener is called ‘Not Guilty’ and that’s a spoken intro that refers to the name of the band. It is a threatening, nice intro, but only the first real song could still my hunger. “Blinded By Confidence” starts with great guitar riffs (by Alexander Lorenz) and when the vocals of Zeno Pfister are mixed in the song, I hear some recognition with other bands. Annihilator fans would love this track! The next track is called “I Am Your God”, and here we hear some similarities of Overkill meets U.D.O. This track has lesser speed, but I’m sure that this song will increase the temperature at live gigs! The title track of this second album refers a little to Piet Sielck of Iron Savior, without telling that this is a copycat. “You Don’t Know” has a little Hypocrisy, during their lesser heavy period, mixed with some Pro-Pain hardcore influences. It’s all done really well and the execution of the material is above the average. The names that I point out, are just to give you an idea what 23rd. Grade Of Evil is all about, nothing more, nothing less.

Referring to the info sheet, they mention thrash metal as style, which I totally disagree! The musical direction of 23rd. Grade Of Evil is rather great Heavy Metal with some speed Metal accents, let’s mention Gamma Ray, mixed with Modern Metal and a Dark Edge. There is enough variety on this album, but the only negative comment is the sound of the guitar. Almost every track has the same sound, although in different rhythm and riffing. If they bring on a more commercial track, it will have the same guitar sound as a heavy metal anthem, and that’s a pity. Even the hardcore riffs that pop up have the same sound, and that’s what need to be eliminated in the near future! This results that the second part of the album give rise to boredom…

My rating: 81 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)Tnfed Existence (Malevolence Records)