Metal To Infinity

Received from Gordeon Music promoteam and releashed through UK based label Rising Records, “Submission For Liberty” is album number 3 from the Australian band 4 Arm, consisting of four well trained members. Fairness discussed, I never heard of these guys before so the hunt for some background history took place a couple of days ago. What I discovered were facts like the band was formed back in 2004, debuted albums called “13 Scars” (2005) followed by a second piece “Empires Of Death” (2009), they built up a strong live reputation (shared the stage with Testament during their The Damnation Tour 2011) as time passed by and also worth to mention is the signing of a national endorsement deal with Randall (amplifiers), ESP (guitars), Dean Markley (strings) to name only but the biggest ones. This is the proof 4Arm were noted for their outstanding, musical skills. So far my short overview about the band’s early years of existence, all read on the Internet which means I have to take it for what it’s worth you know. Truth or not, I checked out their new album “Submission For Liberty” laying my critical ears based on every member’s technical skills and music style… 

First on, the production is outstanding – mixed by Matt Hyde (Machine Head, Trivium Slipknot), about the style of 4 Arm I can be pretty concisely and decisively: The band plays their stuff in a Technical Thrash Metal mode and sounds fantastic! Very good vocalist, powerful and yet well understood – he sings in the vein of many others did before him back in the good old Bay Area Thrash Metal scene. Yeah I like it! Based on the musical parts, they know how to keep my attention razor sharp. Excellent worked out thrashing guitar riffs and coming from there, numerous effluent solo’s appear in full glory. All bass and drum lines bear me no worries at all, this is a puzzle that fit perfectly into each other.  

Better take a deep breath for a lethal dose of technical, high-speed velocities but occasionally, you will get the opportunity to gasping during brilliant breaks. In what genre I would put 4 Arm? I’d like to describe the band as modern Thrash Metal players with a heartfelt nod to the one and only Bay Area Thrash Metal scene and believe me that all sounds very attractive. Really had a fantastic time listening to “Submission For Liberty” from the band 4 Arm! This is an album that ‘undoubtedly’ must be heard by every Thrash Metal fanatic no matter what. A good singer surrounded by top-notch musicians able to keep my attention up high while delivering very nice compositions, “Submission For Liberty” by 4 Arm is a real good effort, highly recommendable for technical thrashers mainly! Check them out at: http://www.4arm.net/index2.html  

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Stefan)