Metal To Infinity

Back in 2005, five young Americans found each other to set up a band. Their divergent tastes of music couldn’t kept them away about going on setting up the band that got the name of 69 Sins! Better keep in mind these guys aren’t scared to open up their mouth which means the lyrical content of the songs are able to shock some of you out there – as for me, we’re living in a free-world so don’t be afraid to say what you’ve got to see, follow your heart, speak for yourself and forget about the rest you know!  

Sixty Nine Sins’ explicit lyrics can be described as controversial but that doesn’t bother me at all. “G.F.Y.” contains six tracks somewhere in the vein of Sepultura (‘’Roots’’ period), Cavalera Conspiracy, late Pantera / Machine Head, Disturbed, a bit of Suicidal Tendencies,… actually 69 Sins’ style is a mixture of both (75 percent) extreme Metal with ingredients taken from the world of Industrial, Alternative and even Grunge Rock / Metal. According to myself, I'm feeling quite well as long as they play straight forward, taking a more aggressive way but… I'm not satisfied from the moment they bring on some modern minded, experimental moves because that’s not for me! It’s time for me to leave the place as soon as Industrial, Alternative and for sure Grunge slices appear. 

The six songs on “G.F.Y.” has been built up highly appreciated but it’s too modern touched to me. Groovy guitar lines and thunderous bass lines in combination with demolition drums and versatile vocal use – all delivered in a mostly aggressive way… once again, pity for me they also ad some (already mentioned) moves to their music which make me uncomfortable honestly said!

There is definitely a lot of potential for 69 Sins – the style of the songs I’ve just heard on “G.F.Y.” will be appreciated by most of the nowadays extreme modern Metal fanatics… I’d rather like to express myself as respectful still unfortunately, undersized pleased. Defenders of the so called Modern Way Of Extreme Metal Movement – take your and check them out at:  

MY POINTS: 70 / 100 (Review by Stefan)