What's wrong with our world? The war in Iraq is not over yet but Mister Bush is already thinking about attacking Iran. War on the 'oil dollars' if you would ask me and I doubt it has something to do with terrorism. Will the new president deny Iran and will he try to give world peace a chance? Let's hope so and to be honest Im hopeful… On the other hand it must be very difficult living in these countries. Maybe the Islamism is the problem although specialists assure us that it is a peaceful religion. In that case the only reason why there's so much suffering in these countries must be the people behind this religion, making abuse of it for their own wealth and power. Mostly they're using violence to reach their goal, if not they mislead the crowd. 

If we talk about Heavy Metal and it seems that this kind of music, culture in general, is forbidden in Iran I question myself again in what kind of world we're living in. I can't imagine how life must be there and I feel fortuned to be born in a free world. Maybe you're convinced now that Metal To Infinity turned into a political website but we didn't change our goal and keep on supporting METAL! The reason for my preview is the fact that I'm listening to a band from Iran, called Angband.  

I've read that Heavy Metal is pretty popular in Iran, strange… Nevertheless this kind of music is not allowed in Iran and this fact makes me respect this band even more. I really wonder how Angband managed it to deliver their music to us. I suppose we have to send them some questions… 

Musical wise Angband blew me away. I didn't know what to expect from these guys but their style is pure US Power Metal. I suppose most people over there hate the Americans but Metal seems to be a universal language! In vein of old Iced Earth and Metal Church Angband brings us a very good album. Also the production is pretty good and I am really enjoying this one.  

The riffs are heavy on mid tempo songs with good structures. I know Turkey had some good bands, let Mezarkabul be the perfect example, but now it seems also Iran contains first class Metal. Metal knows no boundaries and let us be glad because of it. Neither political neither religious leaders can't stop the youth listening to Heavy Metal! Angband proves it!  

As a matter of fact Iran and the USA have comparable issues if we talk about forbidding Heavy Metal or did you older guys have forget about the PMRC, leaded by Al Gore's wife? 

Most songs contain good arrangements and several tempi. The vocals are reminding me to Matthew Barlow in the old Iced Earth days, although they're not as powerful and impressive and to Jan Lubitzki from Depressive Age, a German band that released four fantastic albums. High screams are not rare at all and the vocal lines fit very well on this kind of powerful Metal. Some rhythms are feeling 'Thrashy' and overall the listeners will not be bored for a second. Maybe this is not the kind of music modern Metal fans want or extreme Metal fans are searching for but if you bow your head low for the eighties Metal movement you will be astonished by Angband. This is a band worth checking out and let's hope one day Iran will be free too, so we can enjoy more talent from out there! My Points: 89/100 (review by Officer Nice)