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Labels or bands that has stopped providing webzines with physical promo CD’s to review - we at Metal To Infinity say no to download the songs ourselves, followed by writing down the review. Such manner of exposing bands and their new efforts – we refuse for personal reasons. Other outfits able to send us promo stuff on CDR isn’t also very professional but from time to time – we can deal with it. So we have a band to review from France now… check it out! 

Due to the lack of much background info about Abinaya, I can only say that “Corps” is their second album, recorded and mixed by K. Pandele of Paris based Wavium Studios. Heavy production to enjoy on the new album that has been distributed by Brennus Music (Satan Jokers), promoted by Replica Records / Two Side Moon Promotion company. 

My own knowledge in France Metal music – well, we have to go back to the eighties to bring back in mind greats like Sortilège, H Bomb, Vulcain, Satan Jokers, Trust, Nightmare, ADX, Warning, Attentat Rock,… I’m also very impressed by nowadays French Metal band Hurlement! It was and still isn’t a scene that can be considered as ‘big’. But is a band like Abinaya comparable with these mentioned ones? Not at all actually. 

Abinaya plays a modern form of Southern, real groovy Metal music. Pretty good singer who does his job using the French language. Heavy guitar riffs with good attention for quite technical details – yeah, I can hear some tricks akin to the excellent guitar works of Down, Soulfly, Korn,… with all respect for the players but this way ‘groovy’ kinda Metal is not what I can announce as ‘my favourite alley’.  

But still, I hear a band that has potential on board – at the other side I have my doubts on an international breakthrough either. With all respect for the French language but maybe the band should be re-work the album and use English lyrics instead. The combination of this type Metal music doesn’t match that well with lyrics written / sung in French. If Belgian Metal units should sang in their own language – I also would say hell no too!  

I’ve just heard a band with possibilities to catch the attention of those hooked on modern, groovy and Southern minded Metal stuff. As for me – well skilled players one by one but unfortunately, I'm not impressed by forms of music like this. Gimme back my 80s or US Metal instead! Check abinaya out at; www.msypace.com/abinayarockpage   

My Points: 70 / 100 (Review by Stefan)