Metal To Infinity

Another unknown band to me but our scène is full of them. Even on the biggest Metal festival in Belgium, the Graspop Metal Meeting, I see plenty of bands I have never heard of. I am already thirty years in Metal, have seen tons of bands and have heard thousands of albums and yet I stay surprised about the lack of knowledge I have. What does it mean? That Metal is oversaturated? That too many bands dare to label themselves as Metal? That the entire world is listening to Metal? Strange…

Anyhow Abyzz gets my attention at once because of the very atmospheric intro. I was expecting some modern Metal would follow and it seems I am right. Abyzz owns a modern sound but plays some technical kind of Gothic / Death Metal. The first song, “Hekate” is very varied and contains a very seducing rhythm. Some good played leads are weaved in between, it seems they’re facing an own destiny in the song. Nevertheless they fit well and along with the fantastic riffs I have a good feeling on this track. Abyzz is melodic, adds a bit of the Gothenburg sound to their music, not bad at all. 

These Germans are no newbies and, formed in 1993, they released 3 CD’s and 2 EP’s ever since. It’s clear that these guys are experienced and especially the guitars please me a lot. “Withered Evolution” for example also contains emotional played leads and once more fantastic riffs. These guys know how to write a good song but for some reason they can’t actually take me by the throat. Well, throat might be the word I was looking for because it is just because of the vocals I am not convinced. Singer Arno has a dark grunting voice but to me he’s not sinister nor aggressive enough to blow me away.  

That’s a pity because, although I would like to hear this kind of music with clean vocals, the band has chosen for grunts. No problem with that but it’s damn hard to produce a ‘one of a kind sound’ with it and that’s exactly what I’m missing here. That’ s such a pity because of the fantastic headbanging mid tempo Thrashy and even Progressive Metal I am facing! “The Heritage” for example contains riffs that really are mind blowing, making Abyzz musical wise a top band. The acoustic arrangements in the background of these riffs are fantastic. It’s a top song anyway…. 

And no, I don’t want to blame the singer for the fact Abyzz didn’t steal my soul because this guy really is screaming the lungs out of his body to make Abyzz a dark and Powerful Metal band! I’ve heard great things and others that need to be worked on. Yet I am convinced that these guys have the skills. I suppose fans of melodic Death Metal should give this one a chance. Check them out at http://www.abyzz.eu or http://www.myspace.com/abyzzmetal. 

My Points: 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)