Metal To Infinity

Due to these guys are from Belgium, they’ve created so much great efforts since 1992 the international Metal community surely know what After All is all about, right! Creators of multiple vinyl, EP and CD realizations I'm very pleased with, yes I am! They can also be found on several compilation albums and last but not, I also like to underline my respect and dignity to After All with the circuit they have travelled to play live gigs. Earlier this year the band was participating on the European Killfest Tour along with soulmates Heathen, Destruction and Overkill! More bands they’ve shared the stage with are: Metal Church, Candlemass, Laaz Rockit, Sepultura, Armored Saint, Fear Factory, Forbidden, Testament, Agent Steel, Exodus, Iron Maiden, Saxon to name but a few. As for a Belgian Metal act – you gotta be very good to let it all be done. By the way, on the 27th. Of August, After All will play at the prestigious Belgian based Metal event named Alcatraz Metal Festival – place to be: Brielpoort, Deinze. 

Last output for After All entitled “Betrayed By The Gods” was a three song EP released in 2010. With this effort came a new singer and bassist and I had (and still have) a wonderful time listening to the new ranks of After All. Along with a superb high pitched and very original new frontman, the guys were better than ever before. Three songs in the vein of the one and only Bay Area Thrash Metal tradition – to keep it short, AWESOME!  

Now the band released a brand new EP mixed and mastered by the famous Dan Swano sound magician.  On the track list you will found back three totally new works and a re-recorded version of two older tracks from the album “Cult Of Sin” entitled ‘Devastation Done’ and ‘End Of Your World’. I don’t know how to explain but from the moment new singer Sammy Peleman entered the After All camp, my admiration to these guys’ way of Metal increased to the maximum. This guy has such a fantastic vocal delivery within his might, the new entire After All concept seems perfect to me. Nowadays, the band is undergoing the best period in their history - they play faster than ever before, guitar tactics reach a very high level, etcetera, etcetera…  currently, After All stands for the best Belgian Metal band at the moment as I may speak for my own! 

The new songs have a Bay Area Thrash Metal character and that’s why I like their present sound so much. Vocalist Sammy shows his talented skills while offering vocals in many excellent ways ranges from originally clean to quite aggressive, when it comes to the moment he’s ready to show his high pitch vocals I'm going crazy all the way out. As far as my memory is still in good shape, I can’t remember one single Belgian singer who sang like Sammy does right now. High pitch art kinda singing in the vein of John Cyriis, Tim Ripper Owens, James Rivera, Ski, Rob Halford, Geoff Tate and so many others means the world to me. Watch out for the first notes on the title track of the new EP and you’ll hear what I mean with “high pitch vocals”!! 

“Demolition Course’ and ‘Timeless Machines’ bring on the good old spirit of Bay Area Power / Speed / Thrash Metal in the vein of Helstar, Blind Illusion, Mordred, Evildead, Forbidden,… do you get the picture already!? Working out music at the side of Dan Swano, you will not accept a bad sound quality so the After All EP “Becoming A Martyr” won’t let you down. Clear as holy water, the production is done as it should be! Awesome fast hooks and solo guitar deliveries to the extreme make your heads bobbing around for sure. Rapidly double bass drums and a bass player nearly kills its tool by passion… no reason to complain at all! 

What else can I say people – “Becoming A Martyr” is just a fantastic Metal effort with nothing but highlights to me. Being a US Metal worshipper for decades, I hear After All playing their stuff similar to this scene and just because of that I'm really excited and damn proud to be a Belgian myself! Fans of Bay Area Metal, order as fast as you can at:  /  

My Points: 98 / 100 (Review by Stefan)