Metal To Infinity

I don’t think it’s no longer necessary to introduce a band like After All – since 1992 up to 2010 they’ve created a release list of seven full length albums and six EP’s. They’re very popular here in Belgium but foreign metalheads also know what After All is all about. The last few years they’ve toured across the European Metal fields as support for some real heavy calibre acts like: Forbidden, Exodus, Agent Steel, Armored Saint, Testament, Candlemass, Armored Saint, Overkill, Anthrax among others. Following the Belgian Metal movement since the very early 80s I have to admit no other band shared the stage with so many international acts before so gig applause for the guys in After All – total dignity is on my side! 

To minimise a long story quite a bit – After All will never give up the Metal fight, that’s for sure and about their latest full length output called “Cult Of Sin” (2009) I was so enthusiast that giving a rating of 98 / 100 was nothing but a fair and well deserved reward. But things changed within the ranks of After All, I mean they’ve recruited a new bassist named Frederik Vanmassenhove (ex-Belgian Grindcore Metal band Aborted) and Sammy Peleman is no longer active in a local band called Bullet Rider – since a couple of months he’s the new singer for After All… and how! 

With all respect for the band’s previous vocalist Piet Foucroul but the vocal pathways his replacer Sammy walks on are phenomenal good! Taking care of the normal clear vocal duties he breaths a special timbre – hard to explain but I hear something unique, hard to compare with others actually. But the best has yet to come – this guy is also able to bring on such a brilliant high pitched lines as well. Early October 2010 I was present at After All’s performance during the second edition of Ages Of Metal Festival in Oostrozebeke Belgium (feat. Jaguar, Ostrogoth, Picture and more) and I was really astonished. I saw After All in its newest outfit and had a real good feel as they played a fantastic set of tracks. Nearly blown apart by pure killer songs one by one driven by the forces of the good old Bay Area Thrash Metal scene. Without a doubt, I will underline the high quality performance of the entire band and especially the new vocal duties spoke to my imagination. Frontman Sammy shows what a great singer is all about – along with the right presence on stage, best Belgian singer for me at the moment. 

Awaiting a brand new album, After All took the right decision to work out something in advantage to introduce the new members mainly. Two songs entitled ‘Betrayed By The Gods’ and ‘My Own Sacrifice’ (taken from “Cult Of Sin”) were re-recorded and mixed by mastermind Dan Swanö. Also be ware of the fact that the titletrack features Juan Garcia, Bernie Versailles (Agent Steel) and Joey Vera (A. Saint) but guys… these two reworked versions of previously released songs are so damn beautiful – based on both vocals and music alley, I truly have a shortage of words to express my inner feelings and like to name it just FANTASTIC! Maybe you should think there are only two songs added to the EP but there is more. As somekind of extra goodie, the band posted a 30 minutes lasting video document as they toured at the side of Fear Factory. Entitled “Live In Berlin”, the video reflects a band playing with power and glory the entire setlist with a lot of elegance and tons of great Thrash Metal rhythms… be prepared for the almighty vocal delivery of Sammy Peleman who is able to lift After All to a new and even higher level for sure.  

Founder / guitarist Dries let me know that After All works out new songs at the moment – he also told me that a new effort probably should be ready to break out somewhere in the autumn of 2011. I absolutely won’t miss that moment and keep you informed when the time is right. Fans of excellent Power / Thrash Metal with a US Thrash Metal in the vein of Forbidden, Exodus, Heathen, Helstar, Cage, Ritual, Atrophy would be very pleased with this new EP “Betrayed By The Gods”. Order quickly and  there is one more thing I’d like to mention before I go… After All plays at the European Killfest Tour 2011 along with Destruction, Heathen and headliner Overkill. More info can be found back at:  

My Points: 99 / 100 (Review by Stefan)