Metal To Infinity

After All announced a new bass player, Frederik Vanmassenhove and another singer some months ago. The new vocalist is a man called Sammy Peleman. I didn’t have a clue who this guy was until I noticed he’s one of these ultra friendly West-Flemish lads I always meet at the Keep It True or Headbangers Open Air festivals. Was it really this friendly guy? That youngster who’s a fan of all those awesome NWOBHM and US Metal bands? Yes, it seems so and we had a chit chat at the Metal Of Ages Festival because he was desperately searching for a ticket for the latest KIT festival…and I had one left. Meanwhile he toured across Europe with After All as support-act from Fear Factory. People who saw the gig told me he made After All sound strongly different as before, more traditional… 

So, to make it short I sold my ticket to Sammy at the KIT festival and he gave me a CD-R with three re-recorded songs After All instead. After All was Heathen’s support-act on their Belgian’s gig and I’ve told him he could expect an honest review.  

I was convinced this CD-R wouldn’t be that special, so I delayed the spin a few days because I had so much stuff to listen to… How could I have been so god damn stupid? This is mind blowing and first class Thrash Metal, fitting in the row of the best Belgian Metal releases ever! This is how I adore my Metal and After All sounds like many of my favorite bands right now. You should know this is only some kind of demo, no official release but if the band will deliver us a record from this quality in the future there is a masterpiece heading our way. Sammy lifts After All up to a higher level and is without any doubts a blessing for these Bruges lads! This is Metal ‘pur sang’, progressive at some points, powerful, foreseen with ultra sharp riffs and ‘flesh cutting’ guitar solos! What’s more important is that the band contains now a front man who might compete with some US Power and US Thrash Metal singers! Sometimes I have the feeling I am listening to a blend between James Rivera (Helstar, Seven Witches), Sean Peck (Cage), Warrel Dane (Nevermore, Sanctuary), Richie Wicks (Shadowkeep),… These high pitched vocals are the future of After All! 

You think I am exaggerating? No, I’m not! These high pitched vocals, strong clean singing lines, his emotional timbres and those fantastic high screams are just what I am searching for! Musical wise After All stays, as before, pretty technical but Sammy makes the band sound like for example Heathen, Forbidden, Cage, Nevermore, Sanctuary… “Betrayed By The Gods”, “Land Of Sin” and “My Own Sacrifice” are on this CD-R I give one after another spin!  

I have never been the biggest After All fan, although I own some of their albums and I saw the band many times on stage, mostly as a support act from one or another famous Bay Area Thrash Metal bands. They were too average before, now they are top, ready to outgrow Belgium and hopefully Europe! I can only wish a new album will be recorded soon! These guys can count on our support, a small underground Metal webzine but True to Metal! After All makes Belgium proud again! Check these re-recorded songs at http://www.myspace.afterallmetal. I don’t really want to rate this one because it’s just a re-recording ‘after all’ … 

My points: 90 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)