Metal To Infinity

Hey, time for a newcomer in the Metal / Black Metal scene - A Hill To Die Upon - and their debutal bum “Infinite Titanic Immortal”! AHTDU has itss home base in Illinois and started as a two piece Hardcore act, founders are brothers Adam & Michael Cook. After a long journey filled with changing band members and genres they now finally found their place in the European Black Metal, which they play with lots of verve! Now AHTDU is consisting in Adam Cook – Rhythm & Lead guitars, bass and voice; Michael Cook – Drums & scripts; Elisha Mullins – Lead & live guitars, vocals and Ravn Furfjord – Live bass & vocals. It has to be said that 3 out of the 4 members are under the age of 20, remarkable indeed when you hear the album!!! Influences I hear are bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Behemoth, Enslaved, so if you like these bands then AHTDU most definitive deserves a place amongst you're collection! 

The package I'm holding here is a 8-panel foldout deluxe digipack and it has to be said it looks great due to the outstanding artwork Bogdan of Serbia provided, the sound quality on the album is outstanding, shredding guitars with nice low-end, tight bass, mind blowing drums with earcrushing blastbeats, mid-paced and slower technical parts and not to forget brutal voices! Yep pretty sure these guys hold high goals and that they will succeed in every aspect of it! This is a band with loads of potential, bright ideas and a clear vision! It's not easy to stand out these days as a beginning band amongst a thousand others but somehow these guys pull it off and succeed in making a brilliant debut album, sound original  and bring in my opinion Black Metal to a whole new level! 

Okay time to tell you something about the tracks on 'Infinite Titanic Immortal', I'll give a short briefing on some tracks, not all, because I think this is an album that you MUST hear and explore for yourselves and when you do you'll gonna have to agree with me that this is a  pretty fucking awesome newcomer! 

The album sets of with “Of Fire and Vision” a massive intro that instantly made me think AHTDU must be Norwegian Black Metal but hell no! This is US pride! “Prometheus Rebound” stomps you in the face like a raging bull and sets the tone ready to take you out on a fierce ride with a rollercoaster from hell! 

‘‘Twin Heads Of Vengeance’’ is my favourite track due to the poly-rhythmical passages which is quit original in this genre. “Heka Secundus” is another display of this bands bright ideas such as the lowpaced midsection. “We Soulless Men” a very nice acoustic masterpiece which gives the listener a brief moment to catch a breath, enjoy cause 1:35 minutes later the hellride continues with yet another mind blowing track “Titanic Essence” damn this is good stuff for sure! On “Eclipse of Serpents”, also one of my favourites, they show their musical luggage they earned the past years searching for the right style, they even throw in some great trash riffing combining with some hardcore stomping. Original? You're damn right! 

To conclude, if you're into extreme Black Metal that keeps in an original way melody and that is so versatile it never bores then I've got just one more thing to say: “Get to the nearest record shop and buy AHTDU debut album Infinite Titanic Immortal, you won't regret it!!!  Get a preview and more info at: www.myspace.com/ahilltodieuponband 

My Rating: 92 / 100 (Review by Nicolas Bruggeman)