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ďAirs Ė A Rock OperaĒ: thatís the exact description of what you will get. No metal, no hardrock, but rock in itís pure form. Before we go a little deeper into the music, letís have a view on the career of Airs. The band originally started as an instrumental project called Brockmann / Andrade in the United States around 2009. A lot of demos and singles were recorded and the first full length album ĎA Left Turn At Happinessí was released in 2010. Both players lived in San Francisco and Florida. This results in a not practical distance for recordings. Luckily, we have the internet, and thatís how it all happened. Both members did the entire recording all over worldwide web!

Steve Brockman is the man who is responsible for the music of Airs, while the book and lyrics were developed by George Andrade. Both men can be followed on Facebook and their homepage The whole story of the rock opera is divided in chapters like ĎCurrent Eventsí and ĎBook of Airsí. Each chapter has parts, letís name it songs, that go deeper inside the story. The first page of the booklet gives an introduction of the whole story, and itís really worth reading!

Once the music starts, you will encounter all participants and one of them is Gordon Tittsworth, which we know from Images Of Eden. There has been a lot of pre-production on this album to get everything in line with the story. Itís like writing a book, and afterwards edit the whole story to one huge musical part. This titanic job is done really well, and Iím really surprised that these two people were able to write this gigantic piece in such a short time. If I look at the discography of Airs, they released only this year already one demo and 3 singles besides this new album. Steve and George worked together with a lot of musicians to get everything done, and the most known are Dave Meros and Alan Morse of Spockís Beard.

I suggest that people that are into the rock style need to listen to this album. Those that want it a little heavier might be disappointed. Anyhow you look at it, the album is done with a lot of respect and they took care about the smallest detail. As I prefer my music in a harder direction, it would be unfair to disapprove, as itís only a matter of personal taste. This said and done, itís really hard to give an objective rating to this rock opera, but I guess that 80 is honest and sincereÖ

My rating: 80 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)  Exisnce (Malevolence Records)