Metal To Infinity

Full technical guitar freaks better look out for Shredguy Record’s newest effort played by a man named Alex Ehrsam and originating from France. He plays lead / rhythm guitars for the last 13 years. Watching the picture on the cover of his new album “P.UL.S.E.” – Alex looks a very young dude so my assumption is that he’s a natural born, very talented guitar wizard since the first day of existence. Graduated at the Music Academy International (France) in 2003; Alex stepped into the world of ‘Shred Guitar’ with a heavy loaded luggage of musical skills. It was quite obvious that this guys could compete with all those others delivering outstanding, world-class guitar tricks as well. 

“Djaz Dtox” was the title of his debut album – never heard that one before but when I listen to his new effort “P.U.L.S.E.” it’s immediately clear Alex like to play his stuff in a funky / (heavy) jazzy – call it Fusion way for sure! All the rhythm and lead guitar sections offered by the master himself except for a song called ‘Morning Cigarette’ the rhythms were done by Thomas Gutehrlé. Oliver Wilhelm is the guy behind the drumkit, on bass we have Anh-Quan Le… four skilled to the teeth musicians those who can be pleased with an album like “P.U.L.S.E.” which is produced by Alex Himself! 

The entire album is really fulfilled with nothing else than very technical musical moves. Of course, leading master Alex Erhrsam mainly takes away all of my attention but I have to say that the rest of the band deserve my dignity as well! Speaking for myself, I'm totally uninterested in Jazz or Funk and during this output you will hear a lot of influences coming from these forms of music (John Coltrane, Miles Davis among others). That’s a pity situation for me because I like Shred Guitar releases especially in a full Metal way. I'm definitely sure that Alex can offer shredding Metal riffs / solo’s as well but obviously his heart and soul longs to play his favourite tool in a fusion manner. It’s Alex choice and I’d like to respect that entirely!  

Nevertheless my own opinion about that, P.U.L.S.E. is the ultimate album to check out in a full-attention mode. Actually nothing to do with Metal, you still feel a band playing their stuff in a very passionate / professional way! I really do like Shredding Metal albums with all of my heart so instrumental compositions with a complete Fusion minded character – I truly think that’s a bridge too far for me. Besides the musical direction of the band and based on the technical part of each one of the present players, I would give this album a score that will end up much higher than my final rating down below. Check out Alex Ehrsam at:  

My Points: 70 / 100 (Review by Stefan)