Metal To Infinity

All Too Human is a band from out of Texas/USA. I suppose itís no secret that lots of first class American Metal bands are from that specific area. Just like the coldness is inspiring the best Black Metal bands in the North of Europe I suppose the sun has some special influence on the musicians in this part of the States.

Anyway we notice mister Gordon Tittsworth in this band. This vocalist is pretty busy nowadays and we know him from Images Of Eden and Dread The Forsaken. From this latest band you can find a review on our website too. We already know this man contains a good clear voice and Progressive Metal is really his thing. In the Dread The Forsaken review I wrote I heard Gordon Tittsworth better before and hereís the proof I was right! On this record this man really impresses me. His vocal sound is ideal for this kind of music and he lifts the band up to a higher level. Well, a higher level might be a bad description because the listener is really spoiled on this album. On this record you will hear first class Progressive Power Metal from the beginning until the end.

Fans of old Dream Theater and Fates Warning (of course), Arch/Mattheos, Non Fiction, Auditory Imagery (why canít they re-unite?) but also the softer Progressive bands like Rush (what a new album!) will for sure like this one. This kind of progressive Metal is all the way melodic and yet not always that easy to adept. The guitars are without any doubts extraordinary and Clint Wilson seems to be a very talented musician, he knows perfectly how to pull the strings! I really adore this kind of guitar players, the kind that makes something complicated sound so easy, so beautiful and all the way so overhwelming! That's what we call talent, natural talent as only the best guitarist contains! He knows perfectly how to mix power, sensity and his overdose off skills!

The band obliges the listener to keep on spinning this disc, the more the better! I donít dare to make any predictions anymore but in my opinion this band should grow fast and strong in this specific genre. All Too Human has the perfect songs, the musicians and the front man for it! This album was produced by Eric Zimmermann (Fates Warning, Deftones, Suicidal Tendencies, Images of Eden,Ö). If a band is able to let a Grammy-nominated producer to master their album theyíre either very rich or either very convincing. I donít know if All Too Human is rich but convincing they are!

This is the third effort of the band and I suppose I must google again so I can add this one to my collection although it seems only mp3-formats are available. This superb Progressive Metal with outstanding vocals, great guitars and keyboards and fantastic arrangements really deserves a place in my personal CD-rack. I would pity (read: be pissed off) the fact if this one can't be found on an official silver disc. Outstanding release you will find more about at

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)