Metal To Infinity

Pending the European release of Brazilain based Almah’s new alum “Motion”, I had an interview with their bassist Felipe Andreoli a few weeks ago. We had a smooth talk about past, present and future – pretty cool interview, feel free to read all about HERE.  

On the 14th. Of October 2011, “Motion” came out all across Europe through AFM Records. Some among us were long waiting fro this new Almah album but I can assure that the wait was more than worth it. With a running time of 45 minutes, “Motion” brings the best in nowadays Power Metal. Especially mainstream fans of Euro Power Metal will adore the disc like no other. There are two special pawns in the game of Almah which completely let me dream away – first of all singer Edu Felaschi (ex-Angra) and secondly the ultimate guitar duo Schroeder / Barbosa offering a heartfelt demonstration of shred guitar tactics – magnificent! Both constantly spoil us with heavyweight riffage and phenomenal good solo works… again, this is really great! Back to vocalist Edu it’s obviously clear that the man never sings better before. Mostly using a very high pitch vocal while he was active in the band Angra, well with Almah he opens all registers and I’m astonished all the way out. I never thought Edu was able to use his throat quite low or pretty aggressive but the new Almah album proves the opposite. This guy really takes me by the throat with this way beautiful and very professional vocal delivery!  

Ten songs will be released on your eardrums in a way of perfectionism – very tightly tracks from a very high level. The way each song is built is the evidence Almah is very good. Everything clicks together perfectly and that makes each one of the songs so attractive beautiful. At certain time, you will hear high speed velocities increasing and in combination with a top notch singer and flammable guitar works you surely have a really good time. Power and speed reigns throughout Almah’s new output “Motion”, still there are a few moments to recharge batteries as well. For me it’s not necessary to sum up particular tracks as absolute recommendable – point is (and I mean what I say), the entire album is recommendable from top to bottom. Power Metal addicts don’t have to think twice, trust me on the words I just penned down – order Almah’s “Motion” blindfold and be surprised after all. Very good shot! Check them out at:  /  label contact at:  

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Stefan)