Metal To Infinity

Colombia is more than a cocaine state! A.Lostfield is a band that is totally unknown to me but I suppose the far distance between this South American country and Europe has a lot to do with it. This band is still unsigned and I’m quite sure that a lot of bigger labels will offer them at once a contract after hearing this CD. Why? Because in my opinion a.Lostfield is an original band that offers modern and very professional sounding music. Let me explain… 

First of all you should know that the band name is coming from Ash Lostfield, composer of this band and obviously a great song writer although he didn’t play any instrument on this release. Daniel Gongora and Ivan Amaya did and believe me if I say they are extraordinary musicians.  

This band sounds modern and the Nineties Metal scčne was obviously a source of inspiration for them. A.Lostfield mixes dark Progressive Metal with several other Metal genres, as long as they sound technical. That doesn’t mean the band lose any sense for good rhythms and melodic lines. A.Lostfield knows perfectly how to take and keep the attention of the listener.  

Bands that are crossing my mind, listening to “Internal affairs”, are for example Sentenced, Wolverine, Pain Of Salvation, Opeth, Devin Townsend, and Deadsoul Tribe… Got the picture? Indeed, this is also some kind of special Metal band for whom the musical and instrumental arrangements are the most important. That means that the band isn’t searching for ‘easy on the ear’ tunes and they actually insists the listeners to take their time. In other words your patience is needed to get into this CD but that actually didn’t scare me. Therefore I’ve heard too many awesome arrangements since the very first seconds and I gave this album a lot of attention because the music demanded me to... You should really dig this band if you’re a fan of this bizarre kind of Metal, foreseen from plenty of difficult yet beautiful musical pieces. 

The production of this – far too short - album is good and it’s another positive point some power is used to attract the listener. On the other hand the music itself sounds dark and mysterious. The more you’ll pay attention to this album the more you will discover the beauty of it. The acoustic guitars in “Hide Your Face” and “Just The Things You Know” for example are just fantastic. I’ve heard awesome emotional played guitar solos, hard hitting riffs and let me tell you every song contains its own strong moments and pleasant surprises. The vocals are powerful at the one hand, clear and emotional at the other. 

Plenty of superlatives are well deserved for this album and for some reason I dare to say a.Lostfield’s future might look bright. The only thing that is bizarre to me is the fact that A.Lostfield doesn’t sound at all South American! Heavy Metal, in general, is a worldwide movement and therefore I believe some bigger label will pick them up. This is music for a bigger crowd and a.lostfield already proves by this release they’re ready for the world! To purchase “Internal Affairs”, a good looking digi-pack, you should surf to http://www.myspace.com/alostfield.  

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)