Metal To Infinity

If you’re longing for a lethal dose of intelligent, from Belgium originating Thrash Metal – remain with full attention because Always Fallen’s debut album is about to unleash through Mausoleum Records! 

Always Fallen early days of existence to date somewhere in the summer 2005. They were ready to Thrash and after a period of practising fingers to the bone and writing new songs, Always Fallen climbed the stage for the very first time in 2006. A new singer Kenny Devos joined forces and worked on a debut demo along with the rest of the band. “No Mercy For Sinners” was the title of that demo – all went as expected, one year later on Always Fallen was back with a MCD entitled “See My Blood”. Along with the release of this effort, AF placed themselves on the map and were asked to play as support alongside greats such as: Fueled By Fire, Sodom, Axxis, Bonded By Blood and others. 

Talking about a band that not have been missed the boat, Always Fallen knows every single detail about it. Next step in their young career was to contribute at the Metalcamp in Slovenia after winning a Metal battle here in Belgium. They’ve won the battle, took a trip to Slovenia and walked that big stage in style. Same stage where also other bands like Nightwish, Kataklysm and Death Angel played that day, Always Fallen’s performance was a breathtaking experience for all the present Metal maniacs. Very well done live acts were done, crowd in upper state of enthusiasm… the probably wanted to do something in return to please their following fans – it was time to record a debut, full length album. Ex Channel Zero / Sons Of Janathan axeman Xavier Carron was called to produce, a job he would be bring to a very good result. No doubt about that, he’s a great producer anyway! 

As already said in the beginning of this review, Always Fallen’s new album “Reflection” should be in stores around early November 2009 so make notice of that date because the album is good, real good actually! Right away clear, these guys have a heart for Thrash Metal, old school minded mainly but also here and there, slices from the nowadays scene are remarkable.  

Focussed on the Classic Thrash Metal influences, it’s quite immediately clear they give their idols’ albums many spins. Hearing the new album “Reflection” for the first time, it wasn’t a hard task to detect early Metallica inspirations for sure. Also influences from early Channel Zero came come linger on while listening. Due to a great singer who work out his parts while using his throat in a clear way right here and now, a bit later on he switched vocal duties into a more aggressive way with a few outbursts close to death grunts… versatile vocalist! 

Pure thrashing riffs played from both guitarist to work out very well – especially the ultra fast ones (‘Hail To Fire’, ‘Prophecy’, ‘Who Gave Witness’, ‘Temple Of Ruins’, ‘No Mercy’), I like the most of all. Each one of these mentioned songs have neckbreaking rhythms with the right fitting vocals to serve. Be sure they all have a deadly 80s Thrash Metal character and that’s what I like. ‘Back Where I Belong’ started and it felt like some kinda semi ballad because of the subdued start of the song but a transformation into a real Heavy Metal blast happened. I hear a singer not that strong as on the fast compositions. As for me, Always Fallen better stay very close with old school Thrash Metal because they are bring it so good!  

Always Fallen has also ventured themselves to an instrumental work. A bit in the vein of Metallica’s ‘Call Of Ktulu’ but not that strong to me. Good composition that cannot hold on my fully attention while listening due to the lack of some more speed accelerations. 

Well, to finally end up my thoughts on Always Fallen’s “Reflection” I have to say all my expectations from a decent Thrash Metal album are fulfilled. I just heard a band offering their very first full length effort with a lot a classl. Many ways of potential is present inside their ranks but maybe a good advise for following albums to unleash in the future – don’t pay too much attention on your idols’ Metal way! Always good to inspire your style but don’t over react. Overall, a delicious Thrash Metal album made for fans of early Metallica / Channel Zero and I also like to mention Death Angel or ColdSteel too. Well done guys!! 

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)