Metal To Infinity

Damn right brothers and sisters – the new American Dog album entitled “Mean” is a cold hart fact. There will be two different editions available such as a deluxe one which includes the CD, an American Dog ‘Dog-Tag’ (necklace), sticker and a great looking, full coloured, autographed poster. For a democratic price of 15$, it’s all yours – interested, check it all out HERE. Besides this deluxe edition there will be also a European release on January 10 – 2010 through France label called Bad Reputation. I'm the lucky bastard here because singer / bassist Michael Hannon sent me a copy to review and I will fulfil that task with a burning admiration for American Dog! 

Right from the start, Ohio based American Dog created a style of its own so- called hard hitting, straight from the heart, down your throat Hard Rock ‘N’ Roll spiced with Classic / Southern and Blues Rock ingredients. Watching American Dog’s past releases I still have a great time listening to amazing outputs like “Red, White And Blue”, “Scars-n-Bars”, “Foaming At The Mouth (Live”), “Hard”, … and I don’t want forget to mention the release of “Hard On The Road” DVD – wanna hear / see some nut-cracking, pure Rock ‘N’ Roll from a very high level, you know what to do, right!? 

What makes AD so special to me is the fact these guys play from the heart without beating around the bush – no matter if outsiders like it or not, they don’t give a damn about that at all. Well, actually that’s the right spirit to me – say, do or think whatever you like and forget about the rest. Michael (vocals / bass), Steve (guitar) and Keith (drums) deliver Hard Rock in a boozy, rebel way – the new album “Mean” proves again what that is all about for real. 

I’ve heard the entire album a few times until now and have to say already - this is one of the best AD efforts so far. More in the early American Dog style and that is very good point to me! Opener ‘Just One More’ indicates the correct tones of how to Rock with balls! Michael’s ‘boozy’ throat still in top shape, the same can say said about guitar and drum duties too – to the core, if you can’t stand your music hard and wild, get the hell out! ‘Cat Has Got You By The Tongue Again’ comes and hell yeah - raise your bucket of beer to the sky and let yourself go! Title track ‘Mean’ has a defying, kinda dragging rhythm on board – singer Michael’s voice upper-good and while listening good and well, you can hear anger that burns from deep within is heart and soul. Based on the lyrical content of this song I full can dig his dissatisfaction. Great song anyway! ‘Boozehound’, ‘Gonna Stop Drinkin’ Tomorrow’ – I don’t think it’s necessary what these are all about, right! 

‘Mine All Mine’ starts with a great guitar riffs from Steve Theado, a great musician who deserves an award for playing his six-string gun in so much different but excellent ways. This guy’s abilities to serve neckbreaking riffs as well as flammable solo’s and flowing slide guitar tricks seem outstanding according to myself! Steve reminds me of axe crazy guitar icons like Rory Gallagher, Ted Nugent, Michael Katon, Eric Sardinas. One of a kind – that’s for sure. Harder than a bullet from a 44 caliber this new American Dog album ends up with two last songs entitled ‘Ain’t Dead Yet’ (played with overwhelmed slide guitar moves!) and ‘Motherfucker’, one of my favourite tracks that starts and stops with funny but mean singing refrains, I just like it! 

Take it from me, “Mean” isn’t an album made for weak souls – you’ve gotta love your Rock really Hard and Mean or you won’t survive the entire trip. Surely food for fanatics of Ted Nugent, Rhino Bucket, Michael Katon, Rory Gallagher, Broken Teeth, Flexx Bronco, very early AC / DC, Rose Tattoo,… you’ll get the picture by now I think. Great album - I’ll Drink To That! Check out American Dog at:  

MY POINTS: 88 / 100 (Review by Stefan)