Metal To Infinity

Especially for the Headbangers Open Air festival in Germany ('Deutschland' for the friends) Amulance released this limited EP. It was a cool idea to release something new to celebrate their first gig ever overseas! In my review about the festival you can read how these guys managed it at the festival. To be short they were good, nevertheless a bad sound but they should have sounded almost perfect at the after party I missed.

Amulance is alive and kicking again. Their very first album ("Feel The Pain") saw the light of day in 1989 and it stayed a good kept hidden gem for many years. A few years ago a compilation came out par Stormspell Records and it was the perfect opportunity for Amulance to reunite and start a second life. Both albums are really worth checking out, are even masterpieces for fans of US Power Metal. So yes I was curious to hear this EP and the new songs I've heard at the festival were promising.

This release contains five good US Power Metal tracks with all typical elements this genre is known for. None of the songs blew me away but that doesn't mean they're high qualitative! Double leads, sophisticated riffs, an overdose of power and strong clean vocals with high pitched screams can be heard on this one. The concept is already old but I keep on loving it! The booklet contains a cool front cover, lyrics and the explanation why Amulance is still a 'true" band, just the way Metal is supposed to be! Metal bands that uses digital workstations should be banned out of our community, forever! And I know, this kind of albums might sound awesome but Heavy Metal is a genre in which the art of musicianship stands central!

Anyway I can advise you to purchase this one if you're a fanatic of the Eighties American style of Power Metal. Helstar, Attacker, Savage Grace, Liege Lord etc. are similar sounding bands. Check Amulance out at or

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)