Metal To Infinity

There’s so much to say about this band. First of all I’m so God damn proud I have witnessed them on stage a few weeks ago at the mighty Keep It True Festival. It was a blast, another unforgettable gig! Secondly I bow my head low for all of their works from the past although I was never able to find their debut on CD for a normal price but I will, one day… Another thing I’d like to say is that this band reunited with class! Their former demo-CD, released by Stormspell Records, was really worth purchasing it, same counts for this double-CD! Last but not least the band is ready to deliver us their fifth masterpiece and I suppose the band can’t please the fans any better!  

In their style Anacrusis has always been unique and an overdose of matchless Metal is guaranteed when you listen to all of their releases. Their technical and rather special – read threatening - kind of melodic Thrash Metal really takes the listener by the throat. If you don’t know the band this incredible attractive double digi-pack is the perfect start kit. There’s first of all a thick booklet that contains personal notes, commentaries, lyrics and plenty of old and new pictures to discover the band’s past and present. Add their first two albums, re-recorded and nothing can hold you back spending your money on this superb release! The price? Only 15 dollars is asked for both gems and if you would ask me it’s even too ridiculous to start a discussion about it… True fans are even obliged adding this one to their collection because it is so much more than just a collector’s item. 

I am totally fond of this band right now and these albums are so addictive! Okay, a re-recording remains a dangerous adventure for a band but in this case you can only gain. The magic from so many years ago didn’t disappear but I need to say the songs sound cleaner, stronger, sharper, tighter… Is this bad news? Not at all! You will discover a newer – not actually a modern -  sound which fits the band perfectly. The sound is overwhelming to me and it forces me to pump up the volume! The band did everything they could to stay as close as possible to the originals and to me Anacrusis succeeded reaching this goal. Compare it with Helstar’s “Sins Of The Past” which is a compilation of their all time classics, also re-recorded but still mind-blowing. I don’t even know why I am talking about this issue because only purists will make a point out of it…. The fact Anacrusis gave a face-lift to “Suffering Hour” and “Reason” gets all of my support and this refreshed package doesn’t deserve any negative critics. Throughout its existence the band has strove only for purity and excellence, crafting songs that embody everything for which good metal stands for. This is Thrash from the highest possible quality, making Anacrusis one of the best bands in this particular style. 

“Present tense”, “Butcher’s Block”, “A World To Gain”, “Fighting Evil” (freaking me out again!), “Stop Me”, “Terrified” and all other inconceivable songs still keeps me holding my breath! These technical played duo riffs, re-played guitar solos, incredible technical drum parts, amazingly empowered bass guitars and exclusive emotional – clear and screaming – vocals still have their spelling effects on me!  

Anacrusis is able to mix the darkest and most evil forces with all kind of emotions and in my opinion that’s exactly their strongest point! This is the kind of music that makes me go wild, that gives me cold shivers while listening to it at night. The threatening – even sinister - atmosphere is a brand for the band, making Anacrusis ‘one of a kind’ because their skills and sophisticated arrangements sound so incredible naturally, so ‘easy on the ear’. This kind of ultra Progressive yet melodic arrangements which are seldom heard before in Thrash Metal! Anacrusis was (and still is) too far underrated and I still believe this ultra talented band could have easily survived the Grunge period that nearly killed Metal in the early nineties! After fifteen years of silence Anacrusis is back and the how or why they disbanded for a long time are only words for the history books! 

Anacrusis innovated without any doubts Thrash Metal as a musical genre and they did it on a very energetic way! Next to Heathen they’ve given us masterpieces that are denied for too long and both bands deserves better! It’s about time the big fanzines, radio stations and labels wake up and learn that the best Metal is mostly under the surface! Listening to both records I’m transported back in time and I enjoyed every minute of it. Fans of old school Metal, fans of technical Thrash, fans of Progressive Metal, fans of whatever what kind of Metal should check this double album out to add it to their collection! One of the best reunions ever! Check or purchase this one at  

My Points: 96 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)