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In 2007, Kansas City based Ancient Creation slings their debut album “Evolution Bound” (Melissa Records) on the market in full glory. It was a killer album for anyone with a heart for US Power Metal. Find Out my thoughts on this great output while checking out Metal To Infinity’s CD reviews section and you should notice Ancient Creation's debut was a ‘close to my heart’ kinda effort for sure! I've played the CD countless times and after a while, I already began to look for a follow up – a few weeks ago and barely four years later now, I'm really excited to spread the word of Ancient Creation's new album entitled “Moonlight Monument' released through Heaven And Hell Records!

Frontman Steve Bentley proved on the debut album he has a really unique voice actually hard to compare with others. Obviously born to be a singer in a US Power Metal band and if the other guys in the band are loaded with the same calibre of musical skills, I'd like to say that nothing can go wrong. That's the way it really goes in the camp of Ancient Creation – each one in the band seems so damn good to me, the entire concept of the band really satisfies me over and over again. If you allow me to compare former album with the new one, there is a whole lot of progression remarkable. Ancient Creation took a big step forward based on many fronts. “Moonlight Monument” delivers you all a much better production (this time in hands of Adam Lichtenauer – King Diamond / Solitude Aeturnus) and a bunch of songs perfectly worked out with a lot of technical moves especially the guitar players are world class pawns in the game of AC. Loaded with totally full shred tactics, awesome all the way out! Also drum and bass lines go hand in hand in a healthy way of perfect balance. About the global musical chemistry within Ancient Creation – incredible good and pleasant to listen at!

Another points what makes these guys so appealing are their ability to create highly recommended, technical US Power Metal while dark and progressive elements will breathing down your neck. Trust on me when I say that the result is very nice. Play the entire “Moonlight Monument” at high volume, turn off the light and let yourself be surrounded by the dark side of US Power Metal! If you are looking for a fashionable album, you’re on the wrong address here – Ancient Creation is far removed from the nowadays so called modern way of Metal music! All those dedicated to dark / progressive and technical Classic US Heavy / Power Metal really will have a blast for sure. Related bands / albums are: early Helstar ( "Distant Thunder" / "Nosferatu") /  New Eden ("Through The Make Believe") / Eidolon ("Zero Hour" / "Seven Spirits") / Held Under ("Dying Breed") – admirating souls of acts like Taunted, Syrant, Antithesis, Order Of Nine I also would like to recommend “Moonlight Monument” from Ancient Creation.

All the songs on the album are drawn in a way that there is absolutely no possibility of boredom. You may expect an attack on your neck as soon as great rhythms appear on the scene – tons of melodic guitar lines, breathtaking breaks and a very good and unique singer makes the level of attraction can only increase. So, end conclusion: wonderful US Metal effort loaded with multiple forms of technical powerful skills, all brought on in a sense of progressive darkness. Hell no! I won’t mention a few song titles worth to check out mainly. Therefore, “Moonlight Monument” is way to fantastic… just order as fast as you can and I'm sure each song will blow you outta control – a very gifted  masterpiece to me -  US Metal still reigns supreme !!!!!

My Points: 96 / 100 (Review by Stefan)