Metal To Infinity

This is a band from Iran and I can only respect what these guys are doing! After I saw the movie “Heavy Metal in Bagdad” I could imagine how hard it really is being a Metal fan in those Muslim countries. We can hardly imagine that the church or the government would forbid us to listen to Metal, to wear black shirts and have long hairs but over there…. As far as we may believe it Metal can end your life over there. Therefore I can, again, only respect what Angband is doing in a country that in a few year will be attacked by the allies to kick Ahmadinejad’s ass, it’s so predictable… Not that this band will receive more or less points because of their background. Besides that I am convinced that even a new crusade will not break the connection between Metal fans from all around the world. “Bonded by Metal” are words with a meaning and can’t be hollowed because of politics… 

Anyway, Angband surprised us before with their debut album. Not only it contained an extraordinary front cover, the music was first class as well. It was a pity the production wasn’t strong enough but I’ve heard worse. This was anyway Eighties Metal as it should sound, strongly influenced by everything that came out of the USA. For outsiders it may sound strange that an Iranian band is mainly influenced by American music but Metal knows no boundaries. It’s all about the music and lyrics and political ideas will never be so important that it could break the strong band between Metal heads all over the world.  

So yes, I was curious hearing “Visions Of The Seeker”, only a few spins were necessary to be satisfied. Not that this will become my favorite CD of the year but this is just good Metal with all ingredients a good record needs. You can hear great arrangements, good riffs, decent solos, a balance between Power and melody and vocals that fits the music very well. Angband will not receive world domination but I finally hope these guys will be able to visit Europe for a few gigs. I don’t know what would happen if the Iranian government would discover there are Metal heads in their country but it’s about time they start to live in the 21th century instead of the middle Ages. And Angband should never give up, they never walk alone! 

What is awesome in this release is the fact that Angband don’t hide having Persian roots. Not that it dominates the CD but I like it in combination with their technical Power Metal, in vein of bands like Metal Church, Iced Earth, and Warlord… No real surprises but every fan of pure Metal should try this band out. Check them out at  

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)