Metal To Infinity

I was fortunate to see Abattoir two times this year; once at the mighty Keep It True Festival in Lauda-Koningshöfen and once in a little club nearby. I was even more lucky having the chance to meet Steve Gaines and we had a cool chitchat in the backstage room of this truest indoor Metal Festival. Let me tell you Steve is an extremely friendly guy, professional in his musical performances and making time for fans and press. Most important were of course the gigs and if you’ve read my review about the KIT Festival you should know how good these guys (still) are on stage. 

Meanwhile Steve Gaines has time for his other band; Anger As Art. This band released already two albums before and if you know the band I can already say they improved once more with this release. Anger As Art is a band that mixes aggression and melodic refrains, creating a sound that can best be described as ‘in between harsh and melodic Thrash Metal’. Most remarkable point on this new release, baptized “Disfigure”, is the stronger production. Thrash needs a strong production although, in my opinion, many modern Thrash bands crossed too many times the boundaries of exaggeration on this particular item. Anger As Art didn’t and stays in the neighborhood of  the ideal mix for this kind of music. On this particular issue Anger As Arts shows lot of similarities with the latest Exodus releases. 

Also musical wise, if you don’t know the band, Anger As Art sounds similar to Exodus although the music pleases me more than the last releases of these world famous Bay Area Thrashers. Opener “The Crush” takes you immediately by the throat and Steven Gaines seems to be in big shape! His voice is overwhelming, ultimate hostile and evil. Same counts for these devastating riffs, furious to the bones! With this one and only song they already blow a lot of competition away because of the fact this anger comes right from the heart of every single member. In my opinion this sounds much stronger than what most of the new wave of Thrash Metal bands want to sell to the world! The varied arrangements, screaming guitars and fuming vocals make me sure this is one of the best Thrash CD’s of 2009. 

Anger As Art don’t give in and with “Appease An Angry God” the tempo stays high, the fury might even be bigger! It is clear the members of Anger As Art are children of the eighties Metal movement but they keep music and production up to date! One after another screaming and fast fingered guitar solo is heading my way; Thrash in its purest form, injecting adrenaline directly through my veins! The up-tempo intro of “It Feel Like Blood”, followed by fast refrains and choruses, is one of those songs that reminds me most to Exodus… but once again Anger As Art sounds better, no matter what the popular and supported mainstream media will try to make you believe!  

Also the title track is fantastic, showing another face of the band. This is an ultra aggressive yet melodic mid tempo song! The seducing rhythm of this particular track, along with the emotional played guitar solos, will easily get you under its spell! “They All Fall Down” gears up the tempo again and so I want to make you clear that Anger As Art delivers an album with plenty of variation, endlessly enraged rhythm sessions, lightning fast and livid riffs…but all the way Anger As Art is Thrash, Thrash and once more Thrash! And this counts for the entire CD! 

This high energetic and dynamic release isn’t only the work of Steve Gaines and it would be unfair giving all honor to this man only. During the entire album you will discover Anger As Art is more; there’s a true team behind this band and that’s the main reason why this album sounds so damn strong. The four musicians have all the same feelings about this kind of music and this unhidden secret makes this record sound so intense! Drum sessions, bass guitar lines and the one after another strong riff proves my right!

I can only hope for the fact the popular media will pick up this release and will review it as positively as I did. Thanks to this release Anger As Art deserves to be mentioned amongst the better Thrash Metal bands on earth; musical wise they prove they can hook up with them! The future will show if the band will actually be respected for this release. We can only hope Anger As Art can tour in Europe next year. If you are a Thrasher you shouldn’t doubt purchasing this one; another album to add to your year list. Check the website of Old School Metal Records or Anger As Art’s sites ( / ).

My Points : 90 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)