Metal To Infinity

When I take a look at my record collection, I can easily say that it’s quite impressive.  Some of those albums will always remain in my heart and soul and could be described as must haves. Back in the eighties, I bought an album of a band called Anihilated (“Created In Hate”), which gave me full satisfaction through the years that went by.  Many years later, I receive an album called ‘Scorched Earth Policy’ of a band named Anihilated, and that made me really curious! Compared with this new CD and the original vinyl album, I noticed that the lineup is almost the same! This means that this band is still around? And they succeeded in a stable line up after all those years?? This is pretty amazing, so the next step to please my thoughts was to sit back and gave it a good listen! 

‘Scorched Earth Policy’ opens with the track “Blood Of The Martyr”, and it is a real joy to hear the determination that is still present!  The band plays Thrash Metal, adds now and then a little Punk into the songs, and the vocals of Si have some Slayer / Araya resemblances. In other words: good companionship!  Besides the vocal chords, that fit really well with the song structures, Si is also taking  care of the bass. Mark and Todd are the both guitarplayers of the band and Bod is sitting behind the drum kit.  

These four members succeeded in writing great riffs, playing their songs furious and with full anger, and that’s exactly how we love it! The lyrics are included and handle about environmental concerns and social injustice. There is no song of lesser quality, and I dare to say that this is one of the best thrash metal albums that I have heard, in months!  

My rating: 88 / 100 (Patrick De Sloover)